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Fix Mac Recovery Mode Not Working

What To Do When Recovery Mode Doesn't Work on Mac

Mac users will say that a Mac is a reliable machine that rarely lets you down, but problems can occasionally occur. Due to various reasons, your Mac can become unresponsive, a malware file could corrupt the operating system, you might accidentally delete an important system file, or you might want to wipe your Mac clean before selling or after buying a new Mac. That's where the Recovery Mode comes in handy.

High CPU usage by .NET Runtime Optimization Service fix

How to fix .NET Runtime Optimization Service high CPU usage

In certain scenarios, some Windows processes or third-party applications can trigger high CPU usage. If you open Task Manager to check which process is slowing down your computer, you may be surprised to see .NET Runtime Optimization Service utilizing much of your CPU’s resources. It’s a known issue that .NET Runtime Optimization Service can randomly, but also after an update to .NET Framework, start utilizing an unreasonable amount of a computer’s CPU processing power. Here, we will discuss this issue and provide proven methods on how to fix this issue.

HP Printer Driver Certificate Issue

HP Printer Driver Certificate Issue. Fix Error Message "(FileName)" Will Damage Your Computer"

HP (short for Hewlett-Packard) is a well know manufacturer of software, hardware, and computer services. Their developed printers are one of the most popular in the world. HP states that their printers are highly reliable, and the technology used is very advanced. It changes from time to time to ensure better performance and quality. Unfortunately, users of HP printers have been experiencing quite worrying problems.

How to Delete Broken Registry Items on Windows 10

Here’s you you can delete broken registry entries on Windows 10

The Windows Registry is a database used to store low-level Windows settings and application settings. The registry is used to store settings of device drivers, the kernel, user interface, and so on. Basically, it is used to store information such as settings, options, and values for software and hardware on all contemporary Windows operating systems.

How to Reset iTunes Library on Mac

2 Ways You Can Reset iTunes Library on Mac

iTunes is a subscription-based software developed by Apple Inc. It lets you play multimedia computer files like audio and video files. You can import songs from CDs or your hard drive, download songs from the iTunes Music Store, listen to podcasts and audiobooks. There is also a possibility to play live streams of internet radio from various stations. iTunes library stores each file you import with iTunes. You can manage media files and create multiple playlists, which is very helpful when you have thousands of songs. You can also create "smart playlists." It stores media files according to the parameters you've set.

How to make a transparent background in Paint on Windows 10

Find out how you can make image background transparent in Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is a simple graphics editor that has been included with all Windows versions. Thanks to its simplicity, it’s widely used for simple image manipulations, such as editing pictures imported from digital cameras and mobile phones.

How to Hide Desktop Icons on Mac

3 Fast And Easy Ways to Hide Desktop Icons on Mac

A computer desktop is the primary user interface. When you boot up your Mac and login into your user, the first thing you see is a desktop display. On it, you can store files, folders, and applications for faster access, as the desktop is always present. It might be more convenient to save files on your desktop that you commonly use rather than navigate through several directories.

How to fix the Minecraft error

Find out how you can fix the Minecraft error

Minecraft is a critically acclaimed sandbox survival game developed by Mojang Studios. The game was written in the Java programming language and was officially released in November 2011. The game was positively received by players, and its popularity grew over the years. Minecraft has since become the best-selling game of all time, with around 200 million copies sold. As of 2020, the game has more than 120 million active users.


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