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Remove Text When Delete Key Not Working on Mac

4 Quick Ways You Can Delete Text When Delete Key is Not Working on Mac

Probably every person who has typed on any electronic device like a computer, mobile phone, etc., has used the Delete key as it is one of the perks of digital writing. It has never been so simple and quick to edit a text. Before digital computing, people used to write with typewriters or on paper with a pen, which could take up some time. It is common to make mistakes when you are writing or typing, so to have clean text on a paper, people would have to rewrite or retype the whole text.

How to Mute Tabs in Your Browser on Mac

How to Mute Tabs in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, And Opera Browsers on Mac

When visiting a website for the first time, there is a good chance that you do not know what to expect. Sometimes, when you open a website, you get greeted with an autoplay video or even a couple of them at the same time. Or maybe you hear a music track playing. It can get quite frustrating when you need to look for a good couple of minutes while you find the source of the irritating audio and finally mute it.

How to Flush DNS Cache on macOS

How to Clear DNS Cache on Your Mac And On Popular Browsers

When you want to visit a website, you usually enter the domain name into the browser's address, and your browser loads it, but web browsers use IP addresses to connect with websites. Thanks to the Domain Name System, or in short, DNS, you do not need to memorize complex IP addresses such as 1440:cb10:0088:1::b609:d7a2. It is a naming system that turns a domain name, for example,, into an IP address (a unique label consisting of multiple characters).

How to Show Word Count in Pages on Mac, iPhone and iPad

Simple and Quick Way to View Word Count in Pages on macOS and iOS

Whether you need to know the file word count for school, work, or just for your own curiosity, you do not need to count all the words yourself as people had to some time ago, when software such as Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages did not exist. Now you can very simply and extremely quickly find out the word count of your written file by clicking a couple of buttons on your computer.

Apple Books Not Syncing Between macOS and iOS

How to Fix Apple Books Not Syncing Between Mac and iPhone or iPad

E-books are getting more and more popular each year as it is more convenient to store all your books virtually instead of keeping them on your shelf to collect dust. It can be quite troubling to buy physical books if you like to read a lot as they can be heavy to carry around while e-books are safely stored on your compact iOS device. It also allows you to carry around all your books with you everywhere you go.

Turn Off Safari Private Browsing on Mac

How to Disable Safari Private Browsing on Your Mac

We spend a lot of time online on various social media platforms and websites which collect our data like our activity on the internet, interest, and even private information that we give out, not thinking too much about it. Our information collected by websites creates a detailed picture of our online activity, and it can be used for specific ad targeting.


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