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Disable Autoplay Video on Your iPhone and iPad

How to Disable Autoplay Videos in Your iOS Devices

Most of the social media apps and streaming services have a feature called Autoplay Videos. On some apps or websites, the autoplay feature is quite beneficial.

Set a Song as Your iPhone Ringtone Without iTunes or PC

How You Can Set a Song as Your iPhone Ringtone Without the Help of iTunes or PC

Most mobile devices have the option to turn any sound or song into your device ringtone. Some offer a speedy and easy way to do that, while with other mobiles, you need to break a sweat. We would say iPhone belongs in the second category. Even though it's not that hard, it could take some time.

Manually Update Carrier Settings on Your iPhone and iPad

Why and How to Update Carrier Settings on Your Device

You might've seen a menu for Carrier Settings in iPhone or iPad device settings. But did you know your carrier can release setting updates, and you can update them on your device? Also, what is the purpose of those settings?

Got a New iPhone? You Should Do These 14 Things

How to Set Up Your New iPhone

If you've been using an iPhone for a very long time, that setting up a brand new one should be a quick process. You can just restore your whole data from a backup or transfer everything from an old phone to a new one. But if you've never used one, a brand new device can make you feel overwhelmed.

Fix Screen Recording not Working on iPhone and iPad

What to Do When Screen Recording Doesn't Work on iPhone and iPad

Many mobile phones and tablets have a screen recording feature. Your iPhone and iPad are no exception. With the release of iOS 11, Apple released a feature that allows you to record your screen.

View Battery Percentage on All iPhone Models

How to See Your iPhone Battery Percentage

It would be hard to imagine a life without your mobile phone. It stores your conversations with other people, memories in the form of photos and videos, important files, and documents. You can even pay with it for your groceries or services. As well as play games or read online while waiting for a bus.


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