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What is Account Recovery and how to use it on iOS 15?

Get back into your Apple ID when you get locked out with Account Recovery!

Having Apple ID is essential if you want to use your Apple device to its full potential. Without it, there's not much you can do. You won't be able to use the App Store or iCloud, sync data with your other Apple devices, use certain features, and more. And due to security reasons, your Apple ID might get disabled. To prevent you from getting locked out of it, set up a Recovery Account.

Accidentally deleted notes on your iPhone? Here's how to recover them!

5 ways to recover deleted notes on iPhone

The Notes app on your iPhone allows you to quickly write down important information, ideas, shopping list, etc. But what to do when you open your Notes app and can't find one or more notes you desperately need? Don't worry. Even if you accidentally deleted them, it's still possible to recover them.

10 ways to fix Personal Hotspot not working on iPhone!

How to fix Personal Hotspot not working on your iPhone?

Almost everyone with a phone plan has a Personal Hotspot on their cellular device. When it's enabled, you can share your mobile network with other people or your other devices when there's no Wi-Fi available or you don't want to connect to a public one. But what to do when your Personal Hotspot suddenly stops working?

iPad touch screen not working properly? 9 ways to fix it!

How to fix the iPad touch screen not working?

iPad is a great device that rarely has any issues like all Apple devices. It's great for watching movies, creating digital paintings, managing your business on the go, etc. But what happens when the iPad screen suddenly stops responding? The iPad becomes useless if the touch screen stops properly working as you can't use it to the fullest.

How to fix QR code scanner not working on iPhone?

QR code scanner not working on iPhone? Here are 8 fixes!

With the iOS 11 update, your iPhone got introduced to a QR code scanner. It's a built-in feature on your iPhone Camera that can detect and scan QR codes. It's a pretty useful and convenient tool as more and more establishments are trying to use QR codes to show you the information while using as less space as possible.

How to add emoji reactions to messages on WhatsApp on iPhone and the web?

How to use emoji reactions on WhatsApp on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and web?

Reacting to messages using emojis is not a new thing. Apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram have had this feature for quite some time now. However, it's a bit different for each app. In Messenger, you can choose from a variety of emojis to react with, while Instagram chat has only the ability to add a heart emoji under the message.


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