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View, Hide/Unhide App Store and iTunes Purchases in Family Sharing on Mac

How You Can View, Hide/ Unhide App Store and iTunes Purchases While Using Family Sharing

Family Sharing is one of the great features Apple has to offer for its users. It's only available on Macs that run on OS X Yosemite or later and iOS devices that run on iOS 8 or later. If you use an Apple device, but your family members use, for example, android, unfortunately, you're not able to share content with your family.

Ways to Fix Instant Hotspot Not Working on Mac

How You Can Fix Instant Hotspot Connectivity Issues on Mac

If you get into a situation where you need to connect your Mac to an internet network, but there's no Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection available, you can use your iOS device as a Personal Hotspot. If your iPhone or iPad has mobile data, you can share it with your Mac and connect to it with Instant Hotspot.

How You Can Share Mac's Internet Connection With iPad and iPhone

4 Ways You Can Share Your Mac's Internet Connection to iPad and iPhone

If you've run into a situation where you need a Wi-Fi connection for multiple devices but can only connect to one, don't worry, we've got you covered. It doesn't matter if you can't connect your devices due to having access only to an ethernet cable, or you don't want to pay extra to connect your iPhone or iPad. There are four ways you can set your own internet connection using a Mac.

What to Do When My Purchase Can't Be Completed in The App Store on Mac

9 Ways You Can Fix "Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed" in The App Store on Mac

Usually, when you want to download a specific application, the first place you look is probably the App Store. That's because it's very convenient. You can open the app with a few clicks on your desktop, enter the app name in the search bar, download it, and voila, you have the app. But sometimes, the App Store can encounter issues, and it can get very frustrating when you try to purchase an app, but the App Store keeps repeating that "Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed".

FIX: 'A JavaScript Error Occurred in the Main Process' Discord Error

How to Fix 'A JavaScript error occurred in the main process' Error in Discord

Many Discord users have complained about getting a JavaScript error in Discord, saying, 'A JavaScript error occurred in the main process.' Discord throws this error when attempting to run it, but the error outright prevents the app from launching. Corrupted files and a non-running audio service are known causes for this error. Luckily, fixing Discord’s JavaScript is relatively easy by using the methods found in this article.

How to Fix Google Chrome Slow Start-Up

Chrome taking forever to open on Windows 10? Find out how you can fix that

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. As of March 2021, Chrome holds close to 64% of the browser market share worldwide. Given Chrome’s reputation for being the world’s fastest web browser, its popularity doesn’t surprise anyone. Nevertheless, this browser still has issues, and one of them is when it takes forever to load on Windows 10. This article will provide you with answers on why that is, along with possible solutions for fixing it.

Easily Change Your Safari Home Page on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

How You Can Change Safari Homepage on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Safari is the default browser on all your Apple devices and is one of the most used browsers in the United States. Like every browser, it has its perks and downsides. If you want to customize the browser or just faster access a certain website, you can set it as your Safari Home page.

How You Can Open Terminal on Mac

7 Fast and Easy Ways You Can Open Terminal on Mac

If you've explored your Mac, you've probably seen Terminal hanging around somewhere. It can be an excellent tool for customizing your Mac, solving various issues, or simply using it for commands like opening a specific folder that you can't find, hiding icons, connecting to web servers, and much more.


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