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How to Hide Desktop Icons on Mac

3 Fast And Easy Ways to Hide Desktop Icons on Mac

A computer desktop is the primary user interface. When you boot up your Mac and login into your user, the first thing you see is a desktop display. On it, you can store files, folders, and applications for faster access, as the desktop is always present. It might be more convenient to save files on your desktop that you commonly use rather than navigate through several directories.

How to fix the Minecraft error

Find out how you can fix the Minecraft error

Minecraft is a critically acclaimed sandbox survival game developed by Mojang Studios. The game was written in the Java programming language and was officially released in November 2011. The game was positively received by players, and its popularity grew over the years. Minecraft has since become the best-selling game of all time, with around 200 million copies sold. As of 2020, the game has more than 120 million active users.

Manage Autofill in Google Chrome

How to Edit or Remove Autofill Information From Google Chrome

Every year more and more people turn to online shopping instead of going to physical stores, as it saves time and energy. It's quite convenient to be able to purchase something from your smartphone in between your breaks or the comfort of your home after a tiring day of work.

How to fix the Content File Locked error in Steam

Here’s how you can fix the Content File Locked error in Steam

Steam is a digital video game distribution platform launched by Valve in September 2003. The platform was initially intended to update Valve games automatically, but it eventually expanded to offering games from third-party publishers and updates for said games.

Fix ‘sudo apt-get command not found’ on Mac

How to Fix ‘sudo apt-get command not found’ on Your Mac

Advanced Packaging Tool, or APT, is a command-line used to install or remove software on Debian, Ubuntu, and related Linux distributions. Ubuntu is based on Debian Linux, which uses a dpkg packaging system that provides applications and installation programs. The command line APT interacts with the dpkg packaging system and makes managing software easy and efficient. It automates the retrieval, configuration, installation of software packages, and more.

Discord audio cutting out? Here are 6 methods to fix it

How to fix Discord audio cutting out

Discord is the most popular voice and text chat service and has millions of users that utilize it for many purposes. Some use it for casual and professional virtual meetings. However, gamers, in particular, use Discord to create team chat rooms for gameplays. Reliable communication is key to developing game strategies and coordinating tactics to maximize team efficiency. However, a common and frustrating issue many users experience is Discord’s audio randomly cutting out. However, before we get into solving the problem, let’s learn more about Discord.

Mac Keyboard Symbols Explained

What Do The Mac Keyboard Symbols Mean? How to Customize Shortcuts And Change Your Mac Keyboard Layout?

Macs are relatively easy to use and are quite intuitive. Still, as a new Mac user, looking at your Mac's keyboard, you're most likely confused about what most of the symbols mean. And you may wonder why some of them look the way they look.

How to fix Sedlauncher.exe high CPU usage on Windows 10

Find out how to Fix Sedlauncher.exe High CPU Usage Issue On Windows 10

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s best operating system to date. It’s very well optimized and runs smoothly on even old low-spec computers. Microsoft continuously updates Windows 10 to improve its performance and security. With the KB4023057 update package, Microsoft included Windows Remediation Service, which was designed to improve the update speed and reliability of the Windows Update Service.


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