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How to Manage App Updates And Downloads In The App Store in Mac

How to Manage Updates And Downloads In Your Mac's App Store

When you need or want to download an app on your Mac, probably the first place you look for it is the App Store as it's the fastest and simplest way to download and update apps. The App Stores has about 1.96 million various apps ranging from games to productivity to apps that can help you develop other apps.

How to Upload 4K Video on YouTube Like a Pro

All You Need to Know About Uploading 4K Video on YouTube Using Mac

Creating videos is a passion for many. It doesn't matter if you make videos as your job or as a hobby. When you create a great video that you're proud of, you want to share it with other people. One of the best places for that is YouTube, as it's the number one platform for sharing videos on various topics.

5 Best Free Weather Apps to Use on Your Mac

5 Best Free Weather Apps You Can Add to Menu Bar or Dock on Mac

Weather forecasting is imperative as knowing the weather conditions ahead of time can sometimes be crucial. Information about the weather can help save lives and property. Although harsh weather forecasts are announced on the news and by the government, keeping an eye on everyday weather can be beneficial. It can help you stay warm in the cold fall and winter seasons as well as not overheat in the summer and spring seasons.

How to recover missing desktop icons on Windows 10

Desktop icons disappeared on Windows 10? Read the article on how to get them back

Desktop icons are an inseparable part of the Windows experience. However, in Windows 10, under certain circumstances, they can disappear. In most cases, however, this occurs because of the user’s actions. If you want to restore the missing desktop icons, refer to the guides we have included at the end of this article.

How to Resolve Wi-Fi Not Working on macOS BigSur

Fix Wi-Fi Not Working on Mac After macOS BigSur Update

After updating Mac to macOS Big Sur, some users have reported some wireless network connectivity issues. Users were experiencing frequent connection drops, failure to connect to a network or no connection at all, and similar problems like slow internet speed.

How to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode in 3 Easy Ways on Mac

How to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode on Mac With Few Quick Clicks

Society has become pretty dependant on technologies and social media. It's very easy to get distracted when you're constantly bombarded with notifications from Facebook indicating that someone likes your picture or seeing that your favorite YouTuber posted a video. Or maybe you get an email that says there's a sale going on, and you instantly open it, immediately losing focus on the project you were working on.

Ultimate Guide on How To Speed Up Your Downloads on Mac

How to Increase Download Speed on macOS

Internet is a big part of your daily life. It is used to communicate with each other, check what is going on around the world, run a business, and more. But most importantly, it gives you almost instant access to the information and services that otherwise would be quite hard to get your hands on. For example, you can open and watch a movie you want within seconds or pull up scientific research that you need for a work presentation, or you can download and print a checklist that you found on someone's blog in mere minutes. Due to this reason, we have got accustomed to getting everything very fast, and there is no exception for download and upload speed.

How to Fix Error 0x80070141: Device is Unreachable

6 ways to fix error 0x80070141 (Device is Unreachable)

If you get an “Error 0x80070141: The device is unreachable” error while attempting to transfer or copy files from an iOS or Android device to your Windows computer, then there are a few fixes you can try to get rid of it. Most people get this error when trying to transfer image and video files. This article will shed some light on the issue and present you with several methods to fix error 0x80070141.


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