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How to fix Roblox Error Code 279

Got Error Code 279 on Roblox? Read the article on how to fix it

Released in 2006, Roblox has attracted a considerable player base during the 2010s. The game’s key selling point is the players’ ability to design their own games and play games created by others via multiplayer.

How to Show Word Count in Pages on Mac, iPhone and iPad

Simple and Quick Way to View Word Count in Pages on macOS and iOS

Whether you need to know the file word count for school, work, or just for your own curiosity, you do not need to count all the words yourself as people had to some time ago, when software such as Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages did not exist. Now you can very simply and extremely quickly find out the word count of your written file by clicking a couple of buttons on your computer.

Apple Books Not Syncing Between macOS and iOS

How to Fix Apple Books Not Syncing Between Mac and iPhone or iPad

E-books are getting more and more popular each year as it is more convenient to store all your books virtually instead of keeping them on your shelf to collect dust. It can be quite troubling to buy physical books if you like to read a lot as they can be heavy to carry around while e-books are safely stored on your compact iOS device. It also allows you to carry around all your books with you everywhere you go.

Turn Off Safari Private Browsing on Mac

How to Disable Safari Private Browsing on Your Mac

We spend a lot of time online on various social media platforms and websites which collect our data like our activity on the internet, interest, and even private information that we give out, not thinking too much about it. Our information collected by websites creates a detailed picture of our online activity, and it can be used for specific ad targeting.

How to Find Router IP Address in Mac?

3 Easy Ways to Find Router IP Address in Mac

Almost every household and office has at least one or multiple routers. A router is network hardware that allows communication between the internet and your local network (for example, your Mac or other connected devices). As the name suggests, it "routes" data between the devices and the internet. Traffic, like emails or web pages, is sent through the internet in the form of data packets, consisting of user data and control information.

How to fix "VLC is unable to open the MRL file" error

5 ways you can fix the “VLC is unable to open the MRL file” Error

VLC is everyone’s favorite third-party media player. It’s lightweight, stable, and versatile. Unfortunately, the “VLC is unable to open the MRL file” Error has been giving users problems for some time now, and it seems that the error hasn’t been fixed after multiple update releases. This article will focus on explaining why VLC is unable to open the MRL file” Error and providing solutions for fixing it.

How to Add Album Art to MP3 in Windows 10

Find out how to add album art to your MP3 files in Windows 10

The rise of music streaming services, such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music, has changed how we listen to music. However, many people still prefer listening to their music on their devices via MP3 files.

How to Fix Steam Error "Failed to start game (app already running)"

Here are 3 ways you can fix Steam “App Already Running” Error

Steam is undoubtedly the leader in the video game distribution market. The service has millions of users worldwide and their number continues to grow each year. Valve’s PC gaming client offers a game store, cloud saves, remote downloads, video streaming, and many other features designed for gamers.


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