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How To View Hidden Files

How To Enable "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" Option In Windows 10 & 7

Hidden files or hidden folders are usually not visible to Windows users. The Windows operating system hides many system files and folders to avoid deletion, accidental change, moving, etc. Another simple reason for hiding files and folders is to make the Windows system clutter-free. In this way, Microsoft attempts to avoid distracting users with "unnecessary" files by hiding them.

Fix Safari can't verify the website's certificate issue

Safari Can’t Verify the Identity of the Website, how to fix on Mac computers?

The most popular browser for Mac computer users is Safari, which comes together with the operating system and includes browser updates bundled with macOS updates, and other additional features. Despite its popularity, Safari can suffer from software glitches - issues that may be frustrating and confusing. For example, the web browser can display an error message stating that it could not verify the identity of the website (i.e., the detected certificate for the particular website is invalid).

Google Chrome opens Blank window when opening external links, how to fix?

How to solve issue when Google Chrome opens Blank window when opening links from other applications on Mac running macOS High Sierra?

Many technical support and guidance websites state advantages of up-to-date software, however, there are also issues with the process of updating. This fact can be verified by visiting technical forums and entering 'updates' into search fields - usually, this will reveal a number of topics reporting issues after system or software updates.

Gmail loads into HTML mode on Safari, how to fix?

Google mail system loads only into HTML view mode on Safari, how to fix?

Google mail system is one the most popular systems, and probably it's biggest advantage would be an accessibility from any place where Internet connection exists and also it's compatibility with most web browsers and operating systems. Unfortunately, the Gmail system sometimes struggles as well as all software does. Apple production owners encounters with some issues also, one of the most common would be that people can't see the standard view mode of Gmail, their Safari web browser loads only in HTML view mode.

Can't Open Settings

Can't Open Windows 10 Settings App. How To Fix It?

The Windows Settings component can be found in most Windows versions and is used to configure and customize the Windows operating system. In Windows 10, the Settings list includes more settings than previous Windows versions (settings that were previously present only in Control Panel). Taking Windows Update as an example, this feature was available in Control Panel and can now be found in the Settings menu.

How To Enable DLNA Streaming Server

How To Enable DLNA Streaming Server In Several Easy Steps On Windows 10 PC

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is used for various multimedia DLNA certified devices to communicate with each other when connected to a local/home network. There are many DLNA certified devices, including PCs, storage servers, smartphones, tablets TV sets, game consoles, digital cameras, etc. All can display and upload photos, play movies, download and play music, send photos, etc. For example, if you have two DLNA certified devices such as a Blu-ray player and a PC, you will be able access multimedia files including music, photos, and videos on your computer and stream them through your Blu-ray player.

AddressBookSourceSync process slowing up Mac, how to fix?

AdressBookSourceSync process consumes vast majority of Mac's resources and keeps showing randomly popping up log in windows, how to fix?

You may have noticed that your computer performance decreased on a number of occasions. You may also have attempted to close some frozen applications via Activity Monitor and noticed that the Mac is sluggish due to the AddressBookSourceSync process that is consuming up to 100% of CPU resources and 2-4 GB RAM. Additionally, some users report this significant and frustrating issue when upgrading their operating systems or simply changing the user account login password.

How to encrypt folders on Mac

How to prevent unauthorised access to folders by setting the password on Mac computers

Most of us considers about ways to protect their personal data in a various methods, sometimes separate user accounts is able to solve this situation, however this is option is not able to help. Probably every experienced computer user have heard about folders encrypted with password, but in most cases you need some third-party applications to protect your data. Good news, that together with Mac OS X Mountain Lion Apple released the feature, that let's you to create an new encrypted disk image through Finder.


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