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How to fix the No Route error in Discord

4 ways you can fix Discord’s No Route error

Discord is a VoIP application used by millions of people across the world. The app was initially intended to give gamers a place to talk and build communities. However, after its launch in 2015, Discord branched out to include all kinds of Internet communities. As of 2019, Discord had 250 million users worldwide.

Can't See or Re-download Purchased Songs From iTunes

How to Restore Your Purchase and Re-download Songs in iTunes

iTunes is software that lets you organize and play your added digital media collection. It is an app that many long-time Apple users got attached to. Once you purchase a song from the iTunes Music Store, you are able to download it to any authorized computer. This feature is great if you suddenly need a specific song for, let's say, a work presentation or you bought a new Mac and want to have your purchased media files on it, then you can just simply re-download it for free. No wonder millions of people use it.

Fix AirDrop Not Working on Mac

Fix AirDrop Not Working On Mac With These 7 Easy Steps

AirDrop feature is a handy way to send files, especially if they are big in size. The process is fast, secure, and the files preserve the original quality. If you often use AirDrop, for example, to send files to your coworkers, it can become quite a headache if AirDrop suddenly stops doing its purpose.

How to upgrade to Windows 10 for free in 2020

Free Windows 10 upgrade in 2020

Many people have been asking whether it’s possible to upgrade to Windows 10 in 2020. The short answer is - yes. The original offer to upgrade to Windows 10 from windows 7, 8.1 by Microsoft ended on 16 January 16. However, the good news is that you can still upgrade your outdated Windows operating system to a genuine version of Windows 10 free of charge past the deadline using a loophole.

Media Creation Tool Error 0x80042405-0xa001a fix

Media Creation Tool Error 0x80042405-0xa001a fix

The Media Creation Tool (MCT) is a small program that you can use to download the Windows 10 ISO file and create a Windows 10 installation DVD or bootable USB device. It’s handy when you want a fresh installation of Windows or repair an existing installation.

How to Fix Blue Screen on Mac

How to Fix Your Mac Stuck at the Blue or Gray Screen

Either you are preparing to work on a project or watch a movie, it is not fun when you turn on your Mac, and it is stuck at the Blue screen. Even though it is rare, it can happen suddenly, especially to older Macs. When you turn on your Mac, you should see a gray or dark display as it searches for Mac's startup drive. When the drive is detected, you will see a blue screen. That means it is loading the boot information from the startup drive. When the loading is done, it displays the desktop. If you have a newer Mac with a built-in display, you might not even see a blue or gray screen since Mac supports Retina display and extended color spaces, and the blue or gray screen can appear darker or even almost black. But if you are using an external display, the difference between the blue and gray screen should be visible.

Mac or MacBook Can't Recognize My External Drive

Mac or MacBook Doesn't Detect My External Drive. 7 Ways You Can Fix It!

An external hard drive is a lifesaver when you need a large amount of storage to store your files. What's great is that you can carry the drive with you wherever you go and easily move large files from one Mac to another. Due to large storage capacities, you can use your external hard drive as a storage backup for your Mac. You can use an external drive to set up Time Machine, which backups your personal data, including apps, photos, music, emails, and documents. External drives are very useful when expanding your Mac's existing storage. If you often see low disk space warning, it's best to transfer your files to an external hard drive from the internal drive as it will improve your Mac's performance.

How to fix Windows failing to download and install updates

4 ways to fix Windows 10 failing to download and install updates

Windows 10 is the successor to Windows 8 and Microsoft’s best operating system to date. From its launch back in 2015, Microsoft has been continuously updating Windows 10, improving security, stability, and performance. Microsoft’s free upgrade program, allowing users to upgrade to Windows 10 from older versions of the OS, worked out very well. Currently, more than 73% of Windows PCs run Windows 10.


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