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Add and Delete Safari Reading List On iPhone, iPad, and Mac

How to Clear or Add to Safari Reading List on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Safari is a great browser that allows us to access the internet. With it, we can use various platforms, purchase products, read blogs, and much more. If you're one of those people who like to read a lot on the internet, Safari has a helpful tool that will make your reading experience more pleasant. It's called the Reading List.

How to Delete iMessages on Mac

How to Delete iMessage and Conversation Transcript on Your Mac

Messaging apps have changed our lives forever. Instead of writing a letter or communicating through email, most of us use instant messaging applications and platforms as they proved to be very convenient. It's a great way to communicate with someone quickly without making a call. It's also a way to contact a person without disturbing them if, for example, they're having an important meeting and can't talk on the phone at that moment.

How to Receive or Make Phone Calls From iPad, iPod touch and Mac

Simple Steps to Start Making and Manging Phone Calls From Your iPod touch, iPad, or Mac

It's no secret that Apple has great apps and features. Some of them are only available for Apple users exclusively, making the brand more attractive and making people switch from Android to iOS. One of those features is the iPhone Cellular Calls. It allows you to make cellular calls across your Apple devices using Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection. For example, when you receive a call on your iPhone, you can also accept it on your Mac, iPad, or iPod touch using FaceTime, Contacts, and such.

What To Do When Your MacBook Pro Touch ID is Not Working

5 Methods How You Can Fix Touch ID Not Working on Your MacBook Pro

Even though Touch ID has been around for a few years now, it's still a highly used feature. With a touch of your finger on the Touch ID reader, you can quickly and easily unlock your Macbook Pro, authorize app and product purchases. It's a more convenient authorization alternative to entering your password all the time. Not to mention if you accidentally type one wrong character and you need to start over again.

How to Manage App Updates And Downloads In The App Store in Mac

How to Manage Updates And Downloads In Your Mac's App Store

When you need or want to download an app on your Mac, probably the first place you look for it is the App Store as it's the fastest and simplest way to download and update apps. The App Stores has about 1.96 million various apps ranging from games to productivity to apps that can help you develop other apps.

How to Upload 4K Video on YouTube Like a Pro

All You Need to Know About Uploading 4K Video on YouTube Using Mac

Creating videos is a passion for many. It doesn't matter if you make videos as your job or as a hobby. When you create a great video that you're proud of, you want to share it with other people. One of the best places for that is YouTube, as it's the number one platform for sharing videos on various topics.

5 Best Free Weather Apps to Use on Your Mac

5 Best Free Weather Apps You Can Add to Menu Bar or Dock on Mac

Weather forecasting is imperative as knowing the weather conditions ahead of time can sometimes be crucial. Information about the weather can help save lives and property. Although harsh weather forecasts are announced on the news and by the government, keeping an eye on everyday weather can be beneficial. It can help you stay warm in the cold fall and winter seasons as well as not overheat in the summer and spring seasons.

How to recover missing desktop icons on Windows 10

Desktop icons disappeared on Windows 10? Read the article on how to get them back

Desktop icons are an inseparable part of the Windows experience. However, in Windows 10, under certain circumstances, they can disappear. In most cases, however, this occurs because of the user’s actions. If you want to restore the missing desktop icons, refer to the guides we have included at the end of this article.


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