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How to Block Someone on Teams

How to Block Someone on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an excellent app for communicating with family, friends, or colleagues. However, there are times when you need to block someone on Teams. If you receive messages from anonymous users or bots and want them to stop, you can block people on Teams for Home by following the guides presented in this article.

How to Change Your Name on Google Meet

How to Change Your Name on Google Meet in Windows

Google Meet provides a convenient platform for hosting and participating in online meetings. If you use one Google Meet account for joining different meetings, you may need to change your Google Meet Display Name. This article will show you how to change your name on Google Meet.

Fix Laptop Won't Connect to WiFi but Other Devices Will

How to Fix Laptop Not Connecting to WiFi When Other Devices Can

If your laptop won’t connect to WiFi but your phone or another device can, you’re dealing with a WiFi adapter settings or driver issue. This article will discuss this issue in more detail and show several ways to fix it.

Can't send or receive iPhone messages with pictures? Here's how to fix!

11 solutions when your iPhone won't send or receive photo messages

Have you been facing difficulties sending or receiving images on your iPhone? It can be bothersome when you're trying to share a significant moment with your loved ones or a funny photo with others, but it simply won't load or send.

Screen Distance stoped working? FIx it with these 8 tips!

8 troubleshooting steps to fix Screen Distance on iPhone and iPad

Have you been experiencing issues with the Screen Distance feature? Then you came to the right place. It can be frustrating when a useful feature stops working, but I'm here to help!

7 tips to get your iPhone out of Dark Mode

Fix iPhone stuck on the Dark Mode with these 7 solutions!

Have you been struggling to turn off Dark Mode on your iPhone? While this feature can be great for reducing eye strain in low-light environments, you might want to turn to the Light Mode in other settings.

3 quick ways to fix 'These settings have been configured by a profile'

When you can't access Apple ID settings after macOS Sonoma update

With every macOS update comes the good and the bad. You get new exciting features as well as a handful of problems. One of the problems is disabled access to Apple ID settings after the Sonoma update.

9 ways to fix Always-On display on iPhone 15 and 14 Pro

How to Get Always-On Display to Work Again on iPhone 15 and 14 Pro

Has the Always-On display feature suddenly stopped working? I understand your frustration, as you've probably already gotten used to this convenient function.


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