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Windows Shell Experience Host Causing High CPU Usage

Windows Shell Experience Host Causing High CPU Or Memory Usage. How To Fix It

Windows Shell Experience Host is an official part of Microsoft Windows operating systems and responsible for displaying universal apps in a 'windowed' interface. It is also responsible for controlling graphical elements of the interface such as Task Bar visibility, Start Menu, and other visuals. If you have a changing background (perhaps from selecting a slideshow as the background), the Windows Shell Experience Host controls this desktop background behaviour. This process does not usually take extensive CPU or memory resources, but some users do report this problem.

Firefox Uses Too Much Memory - How to fix?

Mozilla Firefox Is Using Way To Much Memory. How To Fix It?

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular open-source web browsers which was known as Phoenix at first and it was a browser that contained features like download manager or tabbed browsing when these features were not present in other browsers. The newest version of Mozilla Firefox is called Firefox Quantum and it is a version number 60. Mozilla Firefox is a great web browser that offers a great number of various features and customization options and it is designed to be a fast and secure web browser. However, while the Mozilla Firefox browser's performance is excellent, it could slow down your computer and use too much of your computer's memory.

AirDrop issues and solutions

How to solve most common AirDrop related issues on Apple production

Apple products are well known to be stable, innovative, and especially functional with regard to features related to communication between devices. A good example is the AirDrop feature, a peer-to-peer technology that allows transfer of content wirelessly between iOS and Mac devices. This may sound like an attractive and useful feature, but in fact there are sometimes problems with Apple products, including AirDrop. When this technology works properly it is very useful, but many people report issues relating to the AirDrop feature.

Limited Access Or Connectivity

How To Fix Limited Access, Limited Connectivity Or No Internet Access Problem

Sometimes when users are setting a network or using your Windows computer connected to a network they get an error message saying that a computer is connected to a particular network with limited access, or limited connectivity. Usually when you get this error you are unable to access the internet, however, limited means that you still can access locally shared files and folders. This error can occur in various forms, like limited access, no internet access, limited or no connectivity.

How to disable Apple software updates notifications?

How to disable Apple software updates notifications on Mac and Windows computers?

Software updates are usually released to improve system performance or, in some cases, compatibility. If the software contains errors or bugs, updates usually solve these issues. Despite this, notifications about available updates might become annoying, especially when the longest period you are able to delay them is one day. So, if nothing changes in a day, users receive notifications needlessly. Reminders for different time intervals, say weekly, might be preferable.

Svchost Is Causing High Network Usage

How To Fix High Network Usage Caused By Svchost.exe process 

The Task Manager tool is used to monitor the operating system and obtain information about programs and processes running in the background, the CPU, Memory, Network, and other system usage. The Network tab shows network utilization on the current primary network. It indicates bandwidth use on the network. High network utilization (usage) indicates that the network is busy and vice versa. You may have noticed that network usage is high on your system, and is caused by the svchost.exe process.


How To Fix BAD_POOL_CALLER Blue Screen Of Death Error

As the name implies, a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error displays a blue screen stating that the computer encountered a problem and needs to restart. A simple restart is sometimes enough to continue, but even if you can bypass a BSOD error by in this way, you should not ignore it. A Blue Screen of Death usually occurs when there is a critical error and the system can no longer function properly. This is why the BSOD is also known as a STOP error. Some blue screens can be bypassed by restarting the computer, whilst others result in an endless loop held at the error.

How to launch iOS apps and games on Mac?

How to open mobile applications on Mac and Windows computer to access the full screen?

Apple's mobile devices have become faster, more powerful, and with greater functionality. As well as all basic mobile device functions such as calls, text (SMS), email, and internet browsing, there are many other functions. Hardware performance has also increased exponentially - improvements that allow users to play high quality games. The small screen on mobile devices is obviously a restriction when playing games, and thus many people look to use the same games applications on their Mac computers.


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