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Deleted Mac system files, how to fix?

Accidentally deleted files and folders from Mac system, how to restore?

Every unexperienced computer user recognises system files and folders as really important and untouchable, however, whenever any problems occurs, various searches in Internet might point, that you have to replace or remove some data from those mysterious folders. Rarely, people encounter with situation when some system files or folders were deleted accidentally and results are really frustrating, since some of basic features stops working properly or does not work at all. Vast majority of Mac users imagine this situation as the worst case scenario, however, there is no reason to panic, since all modern Macs contains a hidden recovery partition. This partition is usually created automatically when installing the operating system, within this hidden partition is stored system installation files, it is basically the equivalent to the Mac OS X installation CD/DVD.

How to disable Safari suggestions?

Disable Safari suggestions on Mac computers and iPhone or iPad devices

Apple included the suggestions feature into their web browser called Safari. This function attempts to show predictions of your search query, however, it is separate function from suggested words and phrases. While this feature is enabled Safari displays various suggestions, offering to preview interactive content for iTunes media, news, Wikipedia articles, weather forecasts, sports results, apps from the App Store, even nearby locations. This may look like really handful function, unfortunately this is not a rare case, when it fails to predict your actual goals, the result might be annoying, since content suggestions function takes a little bit more time to load than a simple words and phrases suggestions, also it consumes some resources and might impact your Safari's performance.

How to clear specific Safari history items?

How to remove specific and/or all Safari history on Mac computers?

Have you ever considered is it possible to delete only specific history item from your Safari web browser? A lot of people did, and some already know how to do it. However, there is a huge amount of users, that still sacrifices their whole browsing history, with intentions to remove some specific items. Additional functions, such as clear past hour, day, two days, probably are known for every, since it is accessible in the Safari's main menu, however, we would like to introduce additional opportunities, where you can check and remove whole browsing history or only some specific URLs.

How to restore cleared Safari history on Mac?

How to restore and/or completely delete browsing history in Safari on Mac computers?

Rarely, we encounter with situation, where instant regret is felt, one of the most frequent cases, causing this disappointing situation would be clearing your browsing history. Clearing your Internet browsing history on Safari is really simple, few clicks and all your recently visited URL addresses disappears. The worst part of this situation, when you or anyone else spontaneously clears the browsing history and you realise, that you haven't saved some important addresses and desire to revert your last actions.

How to change default downloads folder on Safari

How to change and/or restore default download folder on Safari web browser

Vast majority websites offers download function straight from their website, without any additional software, this way Safari serves to complete this action. By default all files downloaded through this application reaches the default Downloads folder as their destination point, however, this won't take long, until this folder becomes similar to huge dump where you will spend a lot of time in order to find some earlier downloads. Luckily, there is an opportunity to change your destination folder on Safari and others web browsers. Quite often, people use separate application for various purposes, one of the most frequent situation, when different web browsers helps, the computer usage in both cases, work-based activities and leisure time activities. All bookmarks, history and saved passwords will not mix, also you will save time spent while attempting to find some important work files, that is lost within various photos, applications, or any other kind of data, downloaded with purpose to be used while you're at home.

How to block unwanted messages on Mac and iPhone/iPad?

How to block advertising and other unwanted messages on your Mac computer and mobile Apple device?

Communication methods and features increased exponentially together with technology growth, since there were introduced various methods to contact between computer and smart mobile device users. There is a number of separate communication systems relating to Internet Access, such as electronic mails (e-mails), iMessages and FaceTime developed by Apple, various Voice over IP (VoIP) applications - such as Skype, WhatsApp, Vibber, Facebook messenger, etc. Probably the most popular substitute is e-mail, since it is used in vast majority of automatic systems, such as electronic shops or various ticket systems. Soon it became of the main methods to announce customers about purchases status, even the method to send notifications about sell-off or news production.

How to check hard drive health on Mac?

How to check your Mac's hard drive health status?

Internal storage is one of most important component of your computer, it is place where your operating system and all software lives, due to this reason any crashes within your hard disk (HDD) or flash drive (SSD) might result in inactive Mac, or even worse - data loss. Periodically checking the health status of your hard drive will be a perfect precaution against any data loss or unexpected software crashes. It is not a secret, that hard disks and especially flash drives contains limited amount of write cycles, whether it is internal or external storage.

How to restore files from Time Machine backup on Mac?

How to restore files and software using Time Machine backup on Mac

Apple introduced Time Machine together with Mac OS X Leopard, this software creates a backup of your Mac's operating system including all files and folders, system preferences, installed applications and other. This tool should be enabled in every Mac computer since it is one of the easiest method to protect your data in case your operating system or internal storage gone wrong. Also, the Time Machine's backup will be really handy option, whenever you consider about replacing the hard disk. What is more, this software might help to transfer data between separate Mac computers as well. Let's make a clear view about this useful application, Apple's Time Machine stores the backup data within external storage device, works with all possible connections, including USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, also supports Apple's Time Capsule and backup disks connected through network.


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