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How to find the App Store icon on your iPhone when it's missing?

What to do when you can't find the App Store icon on your Home Screen?

The App Store allows you to download various apps to your iPhone. It's a great and fast way to get an app you need or want. So what to do when you want to download an application and can't seem to find the App Store icon on your Home screen?

How to encrypt your Mac with FileVault?

How to encrypt your Mac, external drives, and files on Mac?

Due to the increased number of hackers and government tracking, more and more users a concerned for the safety of their data. Even though you get a new security feature with every operating system update, it's still not enough to keep your data from unwanted eyes. Hence the encryption feature.

4 ways you can play Windows games on Mac

Want to play Windows games on your Mac? Here's How!

As most games are made for Windows users, it's hard to play them on a Mac. That's because Macs are not built for gaming, so the majority of games are optimized for the Windows operating system and its hardware. But if you want to play a Windows game on your Mac, you've come to the right place.

Having problems after the macOS Monterey installation? Here are the fixes!

6 most common macOS Monterey problems and how to fix them

When a new operating system update is released, at first, it can be very unstable. That means you're prone to facing various bugs and glitches that can be frustrating and annoying. In the beginning, some features might not work correctly due to compatibility or other issues. The macOS Monterey is not an exception.

Need to inspect an element on Mac? Here's how!

How to inspect website items in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on Mac?

With the Inspect Element feature, you can make temporary changes to web pages by editing the CSS and HTML files. Although the changes are temporary, this feature provides many possibilities. For a developer, it can save a lot of time and see how the changes will look in real-time.

Here's how to remove photos from your Spotlight search on iPhone

How to hide photos from the Spotlight search on iPhone?

Spotlight search is a great way to find something you need on your iPhone quickly. You can search apps, their content, settings, and more. But sometimes, you might want to hide certain information and images from it. If you find the photos you don't wish to be displayed in the search, you can hide them.

6 ways to fix the Load Remote Content error on iPhone (iOS 15)

How to fix the "unable to load remote content" error in Mail (iOS 15)?

If you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 15, you got a new Mail privacy feature. The Mail privacy protection hides your IP address from unwanted trackers. This feature allows you to open up emails safely without your activity being tracked.

How to fix the iPhone alarm not making any sound?

What to do when the alarm doesn't go off on iPhone?

When you need to be on time early in the morning or make sure you don't nap for too long, an alarm will wake you at the right time. It's an important iPhone feature that makes your life easier. It's troublesome when the alarm suddenly doesn't go off, and you find yourself late for work.


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