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When Apple Pay doesn't work: 9 helpful tips to fix it

9 ways to fix Apple Pay not working

With Apple Pay, paying for groceries, services, and other things is convenient, fast, and easy. When you start using it, there's no going back. But what to do if stops working?

Unleashing your creativity: tips for using Freeform app on Mac

Create, share, and collaborate with others on the Freeform app

If you're new to the Freeform app, seeing its potential and learning all the amazing features might take time. This guide will help you get started. Everything else is up to your imagination.

Top 10 solutions for when Spotify songs won't download

Can't download songs on Spotify? Here are 10 solutions! (iPhone and iPad)

So you decided to download some songs from Spotify, but the app refuses to. Sometimes, issues like that can occur as no application is fail-proof. Let's find out why that can happen.

How on Fix Rockstar Games Launcher Not Working

How to Fix Rockstar Games Launcher Not Working on Windows 11

To play games like GTA V on a PC, you must have Rockstar Games Launcher installed on your system. Unfortunately, some users encounter an issue with the Rockstar Games Launcher not working when they launch it. Sometimes, it stops responding or freezes on startup. This article will explain the causes of this issue and provide several ways to fix it.

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 429

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 429

Roblox Error Code 429 is an authentication error that prevents players from joining and editing games. This error occurs on both the Roblox game and Roblox Studio. This article will provide more information about this error and offer several ways to fix it.

Boost your multitasking game with Safari's Picture-in-Picture mode

Use Picture-in-Picture mode in the Safari browser on your Mac

Multitasking can be a lot easier with the Safari Picture-in-Picture mode. If you're just now discovering it and want to learn how to use it, this guide is for you!

The ultimate guide to Safari crashes: 6 ways to fix it on Mac

6 ways to troubleshoot Safari crashing on Mac

Safari browser has many great features and many users, but sometimes, the browser can start crashing. If you heavily rely on it, any issue can be annoying and a waste of time.

Quicken your Mac's startup: A Guide to managing login items

Manage Startup and login programs on macOS Ventura

Startup or login items are applications that automatically open when a user logs in. Some programs are already added to the startup list and might run in the background, and some pop up on the screen when you turn on your Mac.


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