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Easy Ways You Can Find and Delete Dublicate Files on Mac

Locate and Delete Duplicate Files on Your Mac

Over time your Mac can get cluttered with file and document duplicates, especially if you don't clear out the storage regularly. Even if you do, there are some places that you don't think about checking or don't know that even exist.

How to Create and Edit Text Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad?

What You Need to Know About Text Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad?

Your iOS device has a built-in feature called Text Replacement. With it, you can create a shortcut for a long phrase or word. For example, instead of writing a long sentence (like "How are you doing?"), you can type its shortcut (like "haud), and it''ll automatically type the whole phrase.

2 Simple Ways You Can Schedule Text Messages on Your iPhone

How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone Using Scheduled and Shortcuts Apps?

Message scheduling is nothing new. You can schedule text messages to be sent out on a specific date at a particular time like you would with emails or social media posts. Unfortunately, iOS devices don't have a text message scheduling feature built-in in the operating systems. Unlike in Android phones, iPhone users have to use additional apps.

Want to Delete Data and Documents From Your iPhone? Here's How You Can Do That!

Remove Documents and Data From Your iPhone

Due to the amount of data your device has to store, iPhone and iPad storage can get full very quickly. A lot of that space is taken by unnecessary files like photo and video cache, browser history, cookies, data and downloaded files from various apps, and other data.

How to Fix Voicemail Not Working on Your iPhone?

11 Ways You Can Fix Voicemail Not Working on iPhone

If you're a busy person or don't like to talk on the phone, voicemails are an excellent way to save some precious time. For example, you're in meetings all day, and people are calling you non-stop for various reasons, you can send them directly to voicemail and review who and why they called when you have time.

Fix Mac Keyboard Not Working With These Simple Steps

How to Fix Mac Keyboard Not Working With These Easy Steps?

A keyboard is a crucial part of your Mac. There is not much you can do without it. So when your keyboard becomes unresponsive, or some keys stop working, you're only left with a few things you can do with the computer.


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