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Safari unresponsive and frozen, how to fix?

Safari web browser became unresponsive and frozen, how to solve this issue?

Most Mac owners appreciate the built-in web browser, Safari, since it is included in many Apple operating systems and is regularly updated. The browser does not have to be downloaded through App Store or acquired in any other way, since all Apple products contain this application. There is also a free version for Windows computers. When you launch this application, Safari immediately opens the customizable default webpage (a useful feature), and it can also open all tabs from the previous session.

How to turn off Mac's built-in camera?

How to disable built-in camera and internal microphone on Mac computers

Today, most people know what a 'selfie' is and the purpose of front cameras for video calls, self portraits, and so on. All Apple computers other than Mac minis contain a built-in webcam called iSight, also known as FaceTime camera. The Mac operating system also contain apps such as FaceTime and Photo Booth that use the front camera and offer various related functions. iSight is useful for video calls over any distance. The built-in webcam is located at the top center of the screen and contains a green indicator, showing that iSight is active. Despite these features, some users prefer to disable the device for various reasons.

Make Safari faster, more secure with public DNS

Improve Safari's browsing speed and security, by adjusting DNS settings

Have you ever wondered what happens when you click a link on a webpage? Or how you are being redirected to another webpage or website? You might also consider how your emails travel through the Internet to reach the recipients. These movements are essentially requests and responses to particular servers called Domain Name System (DNS). Your computer (or browsers) sends a numerical request to a DNS server where a huge database stores information about domains and associated numerical addresses. DNS servers respond with a matching domain and allow your browser to load a particular webpage or website.

Mac became slower after upgrade, how to fix?

Mac's performance decreased after operating system upgrade, how to fix?

macOS High Sierra was released in 2017 as an updated version of macOS Sierra. In this version, Apple improved video streaming, data management and compatibility with various video games by increasing graphic performance. Furthermore, Macs running macOS 10.13 High Sierra are more responsive, capable and reliable. These improvements may seem attractive, but many people report problems encountered after upgrade, most frequently reduced Mac performance. This is a significant issue, since users expect operating system updates to improve performance.

Spotlight Search Not Working on Mac, how to fix?

Spotlight search not working or displaying inaccurate results, how to fix?

Spotlight is a built-in search system used to find and open applications and various types of file. It also contains several Internet browsing options. When Apple released this feature, it became very popular and, today, most experienced Mac users work regularly with Spotlight. Despite this popularity, glitches can occur with this search engine. Results may become inaccurate or Spotlight is unable to find files, even though the data is present in computer storage. Also, a search query may be entered, but no results shown, other than perhaps an inactive search field - there is no response to any query entered.

App Store downloads very slow, how to fix?

Downloads via App Store takes a lot of time on Mac, how to fix?

The App Store application offers access to all available apps for Apple macOS or iOS operating systems. To find any type of program, simply use the search field to deliver all associated results. When the store works properly it is very useful, but since the storage is vast and contains countless apps, various issues are unavoidable.


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