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How to diagnose and solve AirPlay performance issues?

AirPlay connection slow or doesn't work at all, how to fix?

You may have considered playing your mobile device games through a bigger screen, or listening to music on iTunes with an iPhone through an audio system. This is relatively easy with Apple products - all you need is a network and a modern Apple device. Using the AirPlay feature, you can stream video, music, photos, and even content from Safari. This feature is very useful in certain situations, but some users report problems working with AirPlay.

How to find large files on Mac?

How to find and delete large and old files from your Mac computer?

You may have noticed your Mac becoming slower, especially when working with files. Activity Monitor might also display high disk usage and you are unable to add new data to the hard drive. This happens when the capacity of the hard disk is exceeded, but you might not know what to delete. Although you may feel that most data on your system is important, this is rarely the case. People forget what have they downloaded and stored in various folders, or even in Trash. A full hard drive might force you to consider a hard disk replacement, but do not rush into this approach - there are a number of steps you should try before replacing hardware.

How to turn off Notifications on Mac?

Disable or manage various notifications on Mac computers

At first, notifications may seem attractive and useful - they allow us to keep informed about subjects relating to our personal lives, those of friends, co-workers, family members, and others. Notifications often display upcoming events such as meetings, birthdays, etc. and also information about incoming connections, such as AirDrop, calls, and software updates. Some applications have specific types of notifications. For example, anti-virus software will remind you if the hard disk has not been scanned for some time, whilst other software might indicate that a backup was not created recently. These feature are sometimes useful, but can also be inconvenient in many cases. For example, if you are sharing a screen using a screen sharing function, streaming a presentation, or collaborating on shared project with co-workers, these types of notifications will be a problem.

How to fix sound issues on Mac

Mac doesn't play sounds through internal and/or external speakers, how to fix?

The Mac audio system is often used for movies, music, communication via video or voice call, receiving various notifications, warning sounds, and much more. Audio also plays an important role in more serious work applications, and so losing any aspect of the sound system can be a major problem.

How to share your Mac's screen?

How to share screens between Mac computers without third-party applications?

Solving technical issues with friends and colleagues can be difficult if you are geographically separated. You may also want to share ideas and projects, and provide tutorials when emails, calls, sending files, sharing them in various ways, etc. are not convenient methods. To address this, Apple has included a useful screen sharing feature, which has many applications and can also be used to stream and watch live tutorials.

Uninstall Adobe Flash Player from Mac

How and why to uninstall Adobe Flash Player from Mac computers

Many computer users, especially those who watch videos and other media content via a web browser are familiar with Adobe Flash Player. For a considerable time, Flash Player was the main tool used to watch video content via web browsers, however due to technology growth, the Adobe product was left behind and became an easy way for cyber criminals to compromise systems. Security is not the only reason why Flash Player has lost its popularity - this additional software often crashed, making web browsers unresponsive. Furthermore, they often used excessive computer resources.


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