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Dictation doesn't work on Mac, how to fix?

Dictation and Enhanced Dictation not working on a Mac computer, how to fix?

For many years, computers controlled by voice seemed like science fiction and were only seen in movies. Now, however, Apple have released a number of features that use voice recognition including Siri and Dictation. Many Mac users are familiar with these features and use them regularly. The dictation feature converts spoken words into text, while Siri is an assistant that listens to spoken requests and can compose short messages and emails.

Auto Unlock with Apple Watch not working, how to fix?

Auto unlock Mac with Apple Watch feature doesn't work, how to fix?

Many users were pleased when Apple introduced the new macOS version and a function allowing them to unlock their computers via Apple Watch. This function allows access to computers without entering a password by using an associated watch in close proximity. This invokes an automatic sign-in, but unfortunately does mean that the password must be entered for the first time after rebooting the computer. Despite the convenience of this system, people have encountered various issues, such as incorrect security options on iCloud logins, miscommunication between Mac and the Apple Watch, and so on.

How to clear Safari browser cache and cookies?

How to clear Safari browser cache and improve performance

Today, software is often designed to simplify tasks, including various auto fills and suggestions. This is usually performed by collecting your browsing habits and data on the system. Although data stored in your private area may seem safe, there are a number of malicious software programs whose main purpose is to obtain or track personal browsing information. Another problem with stored browsing information is reduced browser performance or even failure to load images, posts, or news feeds from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Mouse cursor disappeared on Mac, how to fix?

Mouse pointer disappeared or became invisible on a Mac computer, how to fix?

Most computer users rely on a mouse cursor and only a small percentage use keyboard shortcuts to replace mouse functions. Despite the popularity of the device, users might occasionally experience problems when their mouse pointers disappear, seemingly without reason. On initial inspection, the cursor appears to have gone and the mouse is inoperable, however, moving the mouse by dragging or clicking the left or right buttons repeatedly, reveals that buttons and functions are actually working and the cursor is simply invisible. Although the mouse is still working, it is obviously very difficult to work without a pointer.

How to write an ISO file to an USB drive on Mac

How to create a bootable installer USB flash drive on Mac computer?

With technology growth, use of data storage formats such as CDs and DVDs are on the decline, but physical storage remains very useful, especially when creating bootable storage disks to perform fresh operating system installations. New computers often come without a CD-Rom device (responsible for reading CDs and DVDs), since they have been replaced with 'flash drives' that offer memory read/write speeds several times higher. Despite the advantages of flash drives, there are often problems when creating a bootable device and adding or 'burning' an ISO file to them. Previously, when CDs and DVDs were the main external data storage devices, there was a simple way to create a bootable disk through Disk utility, but this option is now sometimes unavailable.

Spotlight - a built-in search engine on Mac - how to use?

Default search function on Mac called Spotlight - how to use?

Experienced computer users are aware that search engines work more efficiently when used correctly. Functions that fulfil your requests when expressed in one or two words are very useful. Windows operating system users are familiar with the "Run" function, and Apple also offers even more features within Spotlight. Comparing the two, the Windows tool opens programs and documents when the path is known, whilst Spotlight does not even require the destination or an accurate name. The Mac feature is essentially a built-in search engine, a text-based Siri alternative, that responds to any query entered and searches for all associated results.


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