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Fix Discord JavaScript Error

How to Fix "A JavaScript error occurred in the main process" Error in Discord

Many Discord users have complained about getting a JavaScript error in Discord, saying, "A JavaScript error occurred in the main process." Luckily, fixing Discord's JavaScript error is relatively easy using the methods provided in this article.

How to Fix Google Chrome Slow Start-up

Fix Chrome Taking Forever to Open on Windows 10

Given Chrome's reputation as the world's fastest web browser, its popularity doesn't surprise anyone. Nevertheless, this browser still has issues, and one of them is when it takes a long time to load. This article will provide you with answers on why that is and offer several solutions for fixing it.

How to Fix Folders Reverting to Read-Only on Windows 10

Folder Keeps Reverting to Read-Only? Find Out How to Fix That

Windows has a read-only option that a user can set or is set automatically by the system to protect file integrity. Many users have complained that they can't remove the read-only attribute because the files and folders revert to read-only. Fortunately, you can fix it using the methods we have provided below.

How to Fix "Windows Media Player cannot burn some of the files" Error

What You Should Do if Windows Media Player Cannot Burn Some of the Files

When it comes to burning files using Windows Media Player, the "Windows Media Player cannot burn some of the files" error is the most common. This article will explain some of the most common causes and provide you with ways to fix this error.

How to Check VRAM Capacity on Windows 10

Want to Find Out How Much Vram You Have? Read the Article to Find Out How

VRAM or video RAM refers to random access memory (RAM) dedicated to storing image data for a computer's display. Many want to know how much VRAM their graphics card has, and this article will show you how you can check that.

How to Fix Steam Client Bootstrapper High CPU Usage

Fix Steam Client Bootstrapper High CPU Usage

The Steam Client Bootstrapper is a background application for downloading and installing updates and replacing missing files. The problem with this app is that it may cause high CPU usage when it's not downloading anything. This article will explain the causes of this behavior and provide you with several ways to fix it.


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