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Can't Turn On Windows Defender Firewall

Can't Turn On Windows Defender Firewall. How To Fix It?

Each Windows operating system, starting from Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, has a built-in Windows Firewall (now known as Windows Defender Firewall). Windows Firewall is a security tool created by Microsoft that runs in the background and keeps the operating system safe from various network threats. The application filters network data transmissions, blocks programs that are initiating harmful communications, and prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to your computer through the internet or other network.

Print Spooler Keeps Stopping

Print Spooler Keeps Stopping Or Print Spooler Service Is Not Running. How To Fix It? 

Simply said, print spooler is a is a software program, an executable file which is responsible for managing all print tasks currently being sent to the printer or print server. It is a primary component of the printing interface and it is loaded at system startup and continues to run until the operating system is shut down. It is responsible for locating the correct printer driver, loading that driver, scheduling the print jobs etc.

Laptop Won't Shut Down

Laptop Won't Shut Down In Windows 10. How To Fix It?

A computer shut down is a process whereby all software programs are closed to prepare a computer for power down. The last step in this process is to "close" the operating system. In the Windows 8/Windows 10 operating systems, there is a new way to shut down the computer, a 'Hybrid Shutdown', which is usually enabled by default. In this mode, the computer is not shut down completely.

Tools To Monitor System Resources

Our Top Recommended Tools To Monitor System Resources

The most common system resources are the CPU (Central Processing Unit), Video Card, Hard Drive, and RAM (Random Access Memory). Technically, each device connected to a computer system is a resource, and even certain fonts, if they form part of installed software. The built-in Windows tool Task Manager can be used for monitoring system resources, however, there are many other third-party tools available for this purpose. These are described below.

How To Change MAC Address

What Is A MAC Address And How To Change It 

A MAC (Media Access Control) address is required to identify individual devices connected to the network. No matter which network (wired or wireless) used, you will require hardware such as cables and routers, and software to transmit data from your device or computer to the router or ISP server, and vice versa. MAC and IP addresses are unique identifiers, both of which make data transmission on a network possible.

Function Keys Not Working

Laptop's Function Keys Not Working. How To Fix It?

Most computer keyboards have twelve function keys from F1 to F12, each triggering a special function defined by the operating system or a currently running program. The keys can also be used in combination with the Alt (Alternate) or Ctrl (Control) keys.


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