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How to disable Apple software updates notifications?

How to disable Apple software updates notifications on Mac and Windows computers?

Software updates are usually released to improve system performance or, in some cases, compatibility. If the software contains errors or bugs, updates usually solve these issues. Despite this, notifications about available updates might become annoying, especially when the longest period you are able to delay them is one day. So, if nothing changes in a day, users receive notifications needlessly. Reminders for different time intervals, say weekly, might be preferable.

How to launch iOS apps and games on Mac?

How to open mobile applications on Mac and Windows computer to access the full screen?

Apple's mobile devices have become faster, more powerful, and with greater functionality. As well as all basic mobile device functions such as calls, text (SMS), email, and internet browsing, there are many other functions. Hardware performance has also increased exponentially - improvements that allow users to play high quality games. The small screen on mobile devices is obviously a restriction when playing games, and thus many people look to use the same games applications on their Mac computers.

How to fix iTunes 4013 and/or 4014 error?

How to fix iTunes 4013 and/or 4014 error on Mac computers?

One of the easiest ways to refresh an iPhone is to use iTunes to restore it. iTunes also provides an opportunity to upgrade the operating system of your mobile device. This is useful when mobile data is restricted or a Wi-Fi network is much slower than your Ethernet connection. Using iTunes is also a convenient way to manage iPhone or other mobile Apple device media content. Despite these features, some users report on various technical support forums that they encounter confusing error messages stating that iTunes was unable to restore or update the iDevice, since 'An unknown error occurred' with codes 4013 and/or 4014.

Bluetooth Not Available, how to fix?

How to solve Bluetooth related problems, and Bluetooth Not Available issue?

Bluetooth technology has created many new possibilities with the introduction of wireless keyboards, mice, headphones, and much more. As well as wireless peripherals, this technology is widely used when creating a 'smart home' environment. These are just some examples of wireless connection use, which is becoming part of our everyday lives. Therefore, connection issues or Bluetooth technology failure can be a real problem for many users.

How to block websites on Mac?

How to block desired website on Mac computers and Safari web browser?

Today, the Internet is overflowing with malicious and offensive content. Many parents seek to prevent children from seeing these websites and blocking them is one of the best options. Another common situation in which you may want to block certain content is at the workplace to ensure that employees stay focused and productive, rather than reading news or perusing social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

How to defragment Mac's hard disk?

How to defragment Mac computer's hard disk?

You may have experienced a decrease in Mac performance and then looked for possible solutions on the Internet. A suggestion you might have come across is to 'defrag' the hard disk. Furthermore, people who have switched from Windows often seek guidance to defrag Mac hard drives, since the built-in software in Windows has a noticeable effect on computer performance. You will not be able to find built-in defragmentation software on Mac computers - this is not an oversight by Apple, but simply because this company's operating systems are designed differently to Microsoft Windows and also contain built-in protection against fragmentation.


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