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6 ways to fix the Load Remote Content error on iPhone (iOS 15)

How to fix the "unable to load remote content" error in Mail (iOS 15)?

If you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 15, you got a new Mail privacy feature. The Mail privacy protection hides your IP address from unwanted trackers. This feature allows you to open up emails safely without your activity being tracked.

How to fix the iPhone alarm not making any sound?

What to do when the alarm doesn't go off on iPhone?

When you need to be on time early in the morning or make sure you don't nap for too long, an alarm will wake you at the right time. It's an important iPhone feature that makes your life easier. It's troublesome when the alarm suddenly doesn't go off, and you find yourself late for work.

Silence iMessage notifications on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch

How to mute iMessage alerts on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch?

It can be distracting and annoying when you're trying to work or focus on something, and someone keeps spamming you with messages in the Messages app. The app keeps notifying you of the messages, and the alert sound is starting to irritate you.

How to fix the touch screen not responding on your iPhone?

How to fix the touch screen not responding on your iPhone?

Did your iPhone touch screen become unresponsive, partially stop responding to touch, or freeze? That can be very frustrating and even restrict access to your device. If the screen is unresponsive to the extent that you can't even get past the Lock screen, then that's a big issue.

How to automatically stop music playing on Spotify when you fall asleep?

Set a timer to stop music from playing when you fall asleep

If you're one of those people that go to sleep listening to music, I bet there was a time you woke up in the morning with music blasting from your headphones, meaning it was playing the whole night. It would be perfect if the music could just stop playing when you fall asleep.

How to quickly run shortcuts on iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

Run shortcuts faster on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac!

With the Shortcuts app, you can automate action and quickly access features or apps. Its name already indicates that its purpose is to perform tasks much faster. For example, you can create a shortcut to turn on your device's flashlight or convert an image to a PDF with one tap or click.


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