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How to fix Mac camera not working? (macOS Monterey)

How to fix your Mac's camera when it doesn't work?

A camera is an essential part of your smart device. Now all smartphones and computers have a built-in camera. Even some smartwatches have them. It allows you to facetime family and friends. It makes connecting with colleagues and business partners easier when working from home. But what to do when your Mac's camera suddenly stops working?

See the USB Accessories Disabled error on Mac? Here's how to fix it!

How to get rid of the "USB Accessories Disabled" error on your Mac?

Keep seeing the "USB Accessories Disabled" error on your Mac's screen? Don't worry; it's usually an easily fixable problem, and it appears when you have many devices connected at once. The main fix is even displayed on the error window. Remove the accessory using too much power to get rid of this error, and keep on using your USB devices.

Unable to screenshot on iPhone and iPad? Here's how to fix it!

What to do when you suddenly can't take screenshots on iPhone and iPad?

Having the ability to take a screenshot makes your life much easier. You can capture the screen you're seeing and share it later with others or use it as a reference. With screenshots, you can save information that you wouldn't be able to save otherwise. For example, you can capture an error message you keep getting or a message that won't be available later.

8 ways to increase the cellular data speed on iPhone

How to speed up your mobile data on your iPhone?

You can get access to the internet connection anywhere these days. In the mall, in restaurants, and even in public spaces outside. Even though having access to a public network is great, it's best to use your own mobile network as it's private and much faster. It also allows you to stay connected without any disruptions when you're on the move.

Can't remove the music player from the iPhone lock screen? Here's how to!

How to remove the music player from the Lock Screen on iPhone?

When you play something on an app, the player will be displayed on your Lock Screen for faster access. That way, you don't need to unlock your iPhone and go to the app to change or pause the track. You can do that by waking the screen and pressing a button on your Lock Screen.

Set a custom vibration pattern for your contacts on the iPhone

How to create and assign a custom vibration pattern on your iPhone?

Various types of alerts on your iPhone allow you to know when someone sends you a text, an email, is calling you, etc. Vibration is a great feature that informs you if you need to look at your screen when you have to or want to use the silent mode. Using the same vibration pattern for everything can be boring, and it doesn't indicate who is trying to reach you.


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