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How to Get Your Mac to Announce Incoming Notifications?

Set Up Alert Announcements on Your Mac

Apple's virtual assistant Siri is integrated with Accessibility features that can help people with various disabilities. One of the great features Siri offers is notification announcement. This feature is great for users with vision impairment.

Can't Figure Out How to Use Live text in iOS 15? Here's How!

How to Use the New Live Text Feature?

Live Text is one of the many new features the iOS 15 update has prepared for us. It's a fantastic feature that allows you to digitalize any text that your camera captures. You can either use the feature directly from the Camera app or on pictures in your Photos app. The Live Text feature also works on images in a safari browser.

How to Create and Use Safari Tab Groups in iOS 15 on iPhone and iPad?

Create and Manage Safari Tab Groups in IOS 15

The iOS 15 introduced us to new exciting features. With the new iOS update, you'll get Safari Tab Groups. This feature will help you organize tabs in the Safari browser on your iPhone and iPad.

Mac Mic Not Working? Here Are 8 Working Fixes!

How to Fix Your Mac's Microphone Not Working?

A microphone is an important Mac part. We use it to give commands and communicate with other users. For example, a microphone is necessary to talk to Siri or make a call to a friend.

Here's How to Delete, Deactivate and Offload Your Instagram Account on iPhone and iPad

Delete, Deactivate and Offload Your Instagram Account on iPhone and iPad

As social media is taking over the world, it might get overwhelming for a person. The amount of time we spend on apps like Instagram scrolling is not always healthy. Not to mention the enormous amounts of information our brain needs to process.

How to Restore Your Contacts When They Disappeared on iPhone?

Restore Lost Contacts on Your iPhone

Suddenly you need to call someone, so you open the Contacts app and see that all your saved phone numbers are gone. Sometimes, this problem can happen to iPhone users. Don't stress and follow the instructions in this article to recover your contacts.


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