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Say goodbye to YouTube crashes: 9 tips to fix it on iPhone

Stop the YouTube app crashing on your iPhone with these 9 solutions

YouTube plays a big role in our lives. We use it for entertainment, streaming, gathering information, learning, and more. It's one of the biggest video streaming platforms on the internet, if not the biggest.

 How to find your missing Camera icon on iPhone and iPad

Find the missing Camera icon with these simple solutions

The Camera app is essential for capturing our precious memories, whether they're happy, funny, or sad. It became one of the most used apps, and it would be inconvenient to get by without it. So, what should you do if it suddenly disappears from your device?

Why your iPhone keeps overheating and 7 tips to cool it down

Easily cool down your overheated iPhone

It's normal for your iPhone to get a little warm sometimes. That means it's doing its job. But if you can barely hold it in your hands, that's a sign it's overheated.

A complete guide to disabling Auto-Join Wi-Fi on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Turn off Auto-Join and remove saved network from your device

When you connect to a Wi-Fi network for the first time, it gets added to your known networks. When your device is in that Wi-Fi area again, it connects automatically without your permission, and sometimes it's not a good thing.

Optimizing your Mac's display: A guide to changing screen resolution

Simple way to change screen resolution on Mac

Do you need to change your screen resolution? If so, you came to the right place. Either you need to change the built-in Mac screen or an external device screen resolution; follow the steps in this comprehensive guide.

How to easily create and add bitmoji to your keyboard on iPhone

Make Your Conversations More Fun by creating a Bitmoji

You can now personalize your messages and make them more fun by using a Bitmoji. If it's the first time you've heard about it, to sum it up, it's a cute avatar that you can create and send to your friends.


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