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8 ways to fix your iPhone mic not working!

iPhone mic not working? Here's how to fix it!

A microphone is an essential part of your iPhone. Without it, you wouldn't be able to call and FaceTime your friends and family. So what to do when suddenly your mic stops working? Well, there can be a few reasons.

Can't save FaceTime Live Photos? Here are 7 fixes!

What to do when you can't save FaceTime Live Photos?

As you probably already know, the iOS 15 update came with a variety of new and exciting features. One of them is FaceTime Live Photos. The feature allows you to take Live Photos while you're on a call with another person. It's the same as taking a live picture with your Camera app. But what to do when you suddenly can't take or save Live Photos to your device?

How to delete and recover deleted screenshots on your iPhone?

Here's how you can delete and recover screenshots on iPhone

The ability to capture your iPhone's screen is quite beneficial. It can save you a lot of time. For example, if you see an error message on your screen or an issue that later disappears but reappears, you can screenshot it. That way, you have visual proof, and it's easier to identify the problem for the other person. Screenshots can also help you capture information that you will need later and much more.

How to stop iPhone and iPad sync?

6 ways to unlink your iPhone and iPad

Having Apple ID has many advantages. Without it, you wouldn't be able to use your Apple device to its full potential. Having the same Apple ID on your devices like iPhone and iPad allows them to share information effortlessly. Your photos, emails, messages, and other data are automatically synced, which is very convenient.

Can't install iOS 15 updates? 9 ways to fix it

9 ways to fix iOS 15 not updating on your iPhone

With every new iOS update, you get new and exciting features. They can make the user experience more engaging, your life easier, and more fun. The iOS 15 update is the latest operating system version that everyone wants to get their hand on. But what to do when you can't download the update?

10 ways to disconnect your iPhone from Mac

Here are different ways you can disconnect your iPhone from your Mac!

Apple has created an ecosystem that allows your devices to communicate with each other easily. It's so simple to send files and share information between your Apple devices like iPhone and Mac. There are many ways your iPhone can connect and interact with your Mac. From syncing apps and services to receiving the same calls and messages.


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