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Mouse Cursor Disappeared on Mac, How to Fix?

The Mouse Pointer Disappeared or Became Invisible on a Mac Computer, How to Fix It?

You might occasionally experience problems when their mouse pointers disappear and the mouse doesn't work. However, moving the mouse by dragging or clicking the left or right buttons repeatedly reveals that buttons and functions are actually working, and the cursor is simply invisible. Although the mouse is still working, it is obviously complicated to work without a pointer.

How to Write an ISO File to an USB Drive on Mac?

How to Create a Bootable Installer USB Flash Drive on Mac Computer?

New computers often come without a CD-Rom device (responsible for reading CDs and DVDs) since they have been replaced with 'flash drives that offer memory read/write speeds several times higher. Despite the advantages of flash drives, there are often problems when creating a bootable device and adding or 'burning' an ISO file to them.

Spotlight - a Built-in Search Engine on Mac - How to Use?

A Built-in Search feature on Mac Called Spotlight - How to Use?

Spotlight is a built-in search engine, a text-based Siri alternative, that responds to any query entered and searches for all associated results. You can start typing the name of your application without having to finish typing the whole name. Spotlight detects the application and displays information about it to launch that particular app.

What is kernel_task and Why it Uses a Lot of Resources?

What is a kernel_task, and Why is it Consuming a Lot of Mac's Resources?

One of the most frequently asked questions within technical support forums is about a kernel_task process found in the Activity Monitor. Users often report reduced computer performance, and once they enter the activity monitor to study the situation, they notice an unknown process consuming extensive CPU and RAM resources. What is this process, and what is its purpose?

Mac Can't Connect to Wi-Fi, How to Fix?

Mac Can't Connect to a Wi-Fi Network, or Connection is Slow and Unstable - How to Fix?

Today, Wi-Fi networks are found in most homes where computers and mobile devices are used. It's also available in public areas such as cafes, hotels, airports, etc. Wi-Fi connections are used for personal use and are well integrated into various other systems, such as security cameras and yard lighting. Since Wi-Fi is widely used, a lost or weak signal can be very frustrating.

How to Clear the DNS Cache in MacOS Sierra or Later?

How to Manually Clear the DNS Cache on a Mac Computer Running macOS Sierra or Later?

DNS settings are responsible for translating domain names to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Without DNS servers, you would have to remember the IP address of each website. For example, rather than typing in the Internet browser, you would have to type - obviously, not very convenient.


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