How-To guides for Mac users

FaceTime is not working. How to fix?

How to troubleshoot your FaceTime problems?

FaceTime is an Apple app that enables you to communicate with other Apple product users. You can perform a free video or telephone call using FaceTime - all you need is an Internet connection. This app can use a Wi-FI or cellular network. Bear in mind that it will use mobile data when using a cellular network, so if your mobile data capacity is limited, you should consider whether its use is viable in terms of cost (in most cases it will not be viable).

Your Apple ID disabled. How to fix?

How to fix Your Apple ID is blocked or disabled error?

An Apple ID is essentially your username for all Apple features such as iTunes, App store, iCloud, iMessage, etc. When you fail to log in, a message is displayed stating that your Apple ID is locked or disabled. There might be a number of reasons for this. The most common is when you (or a family member) forget a password and repeatedly attempt to sign in using an incorrect password more than three times. If you subsequently enter a correct password that day, you will not be able to sign in, since attempts are restricted to three within 24 hours.

How to reset your Mac to default settings?

How to reset your Mac (macOS or OSX) to default settings and erase the disk?

As a Mac user, you would never wish to make your iCloud or personal hard disk data public. Therefore, if you are selling/giving away your mac or iOS device, you must wipe all data from your computer or mobile device. The best way is to perform a factory reset, which may also be useful when your computer or mobile device has problems. You can delete all data manually, but this will take a great deal of time and you might not be able to delete certificates and licenses, which you have purchased and added to your apps.

How to solve "Requires a newer version of iTunes"?

Tips how to solve "Requires a newer version of iTunes" problem.

iTunes software is part of the Apple operating system and has a huge following. It is useful software to manage or seek new content for Apple products. If you are an iPhone, iPad, or iPod owner, this tool is invaluable, since it also provides communication between the computer and mobile devices. There are alternatives with third party software, but iTunes is the official product of Apple with the best communication and features.

Mac or MacBook can't detect my external drive.

Mac or MacBook Doesn't recognize External Drives. Troubleshooting tips

Macs like most other computers are well working hardware which includes all the newest technologies, unfortunately sometimes hardware and software miscommunicate and causes issues in proper work. There is a lot of cases when you can fix their communication by your own just following some easy tips. For example external drives are widely used invention which nowadays helps a lot of people save money while trying to expand their drives or data storage without a high-priced upgrades. Also it helps to share large size files in a much easier way. Unfortunately in some cases Macs encounter problems while trying to detect some recently plugged in devices. You may face this issue any time you try to connect your external device, even if it worked well several times before.

My Mac won't start: How to fix the white screen issue?

My Mac won't start: How to fix the white screen issue?

Today, technology growth is exponential. Phones, tablets, and computers are becoming faster and more sophisticated. If you are not an IT enthusiast or familiar Mac OS user, small issues can seem daunting. Furthermore, you may not wish to take your computer to support services, so Google can help to solve your problem, an option that most people take.


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