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FIX: Can't Open Apps on Windows 10

Apps Won't Open on Windows 10? Our Troubleshooting Guide Will Help You Fix That

Apps are an essential part of Windows 10, and it can be very frustrating if you can't use them. There are many cases when people can't use their apps because they won't open. Windows apps not opening isn't the most common problem for Windows 10 users, but it does happen. Issues with Windows apps can occur under different circumstances, such as apps won't open after updating your Windows or after system restore. Apps are constantly crashing, not showing, or not even installing.

How to Prevent Windows Automatically Downloading and Installing Updates

How to Prevent Windows 10 and 7 From Automatically Downloading and Installing Updates?

Before Windows 10, the automatic update install feature could be disabled - you could still let Windows check for updates but decide if and when to download and install them. Alternatively, it was possible to disable updates altogether. Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs updates, regardless. If, however, you prefer to disable them, this article explains how.

How to Print to PDF?

How to Print to PDF in Windows 10 and Windows 7?

PDF is a portable file standard and a more compatible format than other types of documents. Printing to a PDF file is quite simple - you can install a free 'PDF printer' or use various other programs. And, if you are using Windows 10, then it is effortless. This article will show you a few easy ways to print to PDF in Windows.

How to Restore Closed Tabs in Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Opera and Edge Browsers?

How to Restore Closed Tabs in Internet Browsers?

Sometimes you may accidentally close a tab, a situation that frequently happens to us all. In this article, we will thoroughly explain how to restore your accidentally closed tabs, how to find and reopen them from your previous browsing history in five of the most popular browsers. This guide is written using the following Internet browser versions: Google Chrome 62, Mozilla Firefox 57, Opera 49, Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Edge 40.


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