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How to Fix Missing Desktop on Windows 10?

Windows 10 Desktop Disappeared. How to Fix It?

The Windows 10 desktop may disappear due to a glitch, resulting in the desktop not showing and missing desktop icons and wallpaper. This article will show you how to fix this issue.

What Is Igfxtray.exe and What Does it Do?

What Is Igfxtray.exe, Why It Pops up on Startup, and How to Fix Issues Related to This Process on Windows 10

Igfxtray.exe is a process, part of Intel Common User Interface, also known as Intel Graphics Accelerator. Many users are unaware of this process and the various errors and problems related to it. This article will show how to fix these problems.

How to Find Out Your IP Address on Mac?

How to Find Internal And External IP Addresses on Mac OS X and macOS?

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is assigned whenever your device connects to the Internet or a local network. If your computer is connected to both a local network and the Internet, it will have an internal IP address signed by a local network and an external IP address, which is the address of your Internet connection.

What Is Taskeng.exe?

What Is Taskeng.exe, Why Is It Randomly Showing up, and How to Fix Issues Related to Taskeng.exe Process on Windows 10

Windows Task Scheduler is a Windows component that allows scheduling the launch of programs or scripts at predefined times or after specified intervals. In this article, we will show several solutions in case you are having any issues with the taskeng.exe process.

How to Fix Svchost.exe High CPU Usage

Svchost.exe Causing High CPU Usage? Follow This Guide to Fix That

Svchost.exe (Service Host or SvcHost) is a system process that hosts multiple services within Windows. Sometimes, this service may cause high CPU usage, and this article can help you fix that.

What Is Vulkan Run Time Libraries and Do You Really Need It?

What Is Vulkan Run Time Libraries, Do You Really Need It, and How to Uninstall/Reinstall It on Windows 10

If you notice Vulkan Run Time Libraries installed on your computer and are unsure what it is or how it was installed, do not worry - it's not malware. There is no reason to remove it from your system, but you can if you want to.

MacBook Battery Not Charging, How to Fix?

How to Fix MacBook Battery Not Charging Problem?

Some advantages of laptops are portability, lightweight, and compact design. Laptops should function without being plugged into a power adapter/mains, thus allowing the user to move around freely. There are, however, situations when a MacBook can suddenly turn off or display a message that the battery is low or uncharged - this can happen several minutes after disconnecting it from the power adapter.

How to Fix Blue Screen Of Death (BSoD) in Windows 10

How to Fix Blue Screen Of Death (BSoD) Error in Windows 10

Blue Screen of Death (also known as the BSoD error) is an error displayed on a Windows computer after a system crash it couldn't recover from. There are several types of BSoD errors, but most can be fixed using the same methods. This article provides ways to fix the most common BSoD errors.


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