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What Is Hkcmd.exe?

What Is Hkcmd.exe, Is It Safe, and How to Fix Its Errors

Many people wonder what hkcmd.exe is, what it does, whether it's a virus, and should they remove it. This article will tell all about hkcmd.exe.

What Is QtWebEngineProcess.exe?

What Is QtWebEngineProcess.exe and How to Stop It, Remove It, or Fix Issues Related to It

The QtWebEngineProcess.exe process is also known as Origin or Ring Central for Windows. For other operating systems, it is known as BitLord or PlaysTv.

What Is SysWoW64 in Windows 10?

What Is SysWoW64 in Windows 10, and Is It Safe?

If you have the 64-bit version of Windows installed on your computer, you may have discovered that there is a folder called SysWoW64 on the hard drive. If you previously used the 32-bit version of Windows, the file will be a new addition since it does not exist on the 32-bit version of the operating system. In this article, we provide details about this folder and why it exists on the system.

How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Mac?

How to Recover and Change Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on macOS?

Today, Wi-Fi is not only accessible at home but also in public areas. Many people use public Wi-Fi networks available in cafes, hotels, airports, etc. Furthermore, since we all enjoy the benefits of wireless connections, most already have Wi-Fi connections at home. While the technology itself is very convenient, users often encounter problems accessing Wi-Fi networks. This is commonly due to the simple reason that we tend to forget our Wi-Fi passwords.

What Is CompatTelRunner.exe?

What Is CompatTelRunner.exe (Compatibility Telemetry) and How to Disable or Remove it from Windows 10

The CompatTelRunner.exe file is a component of Microsoft Windows. This process is also known as Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry, Compatibility Appraiser Telemetry Runner, or simply Compatibility Telemetry. This guide shows how to stop the CompatTelRunner.exe process from starting, delete the CompatTelRunner file, fix any associated problems, and keep this process safe from infections and threats.

How To Uninstall True Key?

How to Uninstall/Remove True Key From Your Computer and Web Browser

McAfee's True Key is a password protection app that sometimes comes bundled with other software. Many users struggle to uninstall the True Key password manager from their computers. In this article, we show how to overcome these issues.

FIX: Connected to Wireless Router but There Is No Internet

Connected to Wireless Router but There Is No Internet Access? Here Is How to Fix It

If your PC is connected to a WiFi router, but there's no Internet, read the instructions below to fix that.

How to Remove Applications From Your Mac?

How to Remove/Uninstall Applications From Your Mac?

Removing applications from Mac OS is easy. However, some users (especially those who have switched from Windows) can find the process confusing. The default method for removing apps from a MacBook or other Apple computer is similar to that of a mobile device: hold and drag the app icon to Trash. In most cases, this is all that is required to remove an application.


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