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FIX: Valorant Won't Open

How to Fix Valorant Not Opening on Windows 11

Many Valorant players report that the game won't open on Windows 11. This article contains instructions on how to fix it.

No More FaceTime Lags During Calls on Mac! Follow These Easy Steps

Fix FaceTime Lagging on Mac With These 8 Ways!

To communicate with friends and family members, all you need to do is make a few clicks with your mouse, and you can see another person on the screen of your Mac. FaceTime is one of those apps that makes it possible. But what to do when FaceTime starts lagging like crazy?

Need to Convert Photos to PDF? 4 Ways You Can Do That on iPhone/iPad!

Convert Your Photos to PDF With These 4 Easy Methods on iPhone and iPad!

Photos taken on your phone are usually converted in one of the standard formats like JPEG, HEIC, etc. These formats are compatible with most devices and platforms, but you might face a situation when only a PDF format is accepted. So, how do you convert your images to a PDF format?

No More FaceTime Lags During Calls on Your iPhone/iPad! Follow These Easy Steps

Fix FaceTime Lagging on iPhone/iPad With These 7 Ways!

FaceTime is one of the most-used apps for video calls by iOS users. And you probably can agree. It's a convenient app for communicating with other Apple device users. So what to do when you're in a call and FaceTime starts lagging?

How to Post a Live Photo on Instagram and Facebook From Your iPhone/iPad? 2021

Learn How to Post Live Photos to Instagram and Facebook From Your iPhone and iPad

Apple was the first to introduce live photos to the public. The photos taken with the Live Photo feature make them more fun and interesting. Every time you scroll through your gallery, your photos move, which can make you feel like you're in a Harry Potter movie.

Siri Suggestions on your iPhone/iPad Lock Screen Keeps Irritating You? Here's How to Turn It Off

How to Disable Siri Suggestions on Lock Screen? iPhone and iPad (2021)

Siri and its additional features are pretty helpful and can save you some time. But sometimes, things like Siri's suggestions on your Lock screen can get irritating, especially if you don't want to see suggestions for specific apps.

Learn to Scan and Sign Documents From the Notes App on Your iPhone and iPad

Scan and Sign Your Documents Using the Free Notes App on iPhone and iPad

Even if you don't work with documents every day, there will come a day when you'll be asked to send a scanned document. There are many reasons why you can get asked that, and you are probably reading this article because you already need to scan some documents.

How to Fix Origin Error: 327684:1

How to Fix Origin Error 327684:1 on Windows 11

Origin Error: 327684:1 occurs when Origin is running and prevents you from downloading, installing, and updating games. This article provides several solutions to fix this error.


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