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Fix Desktop Widgets Not Working on MacOS Sonoma: Step-by-Step Guide

8 tips for troubleshooting desktop widgets on macOS Sonoma

Customizing your Mac's desktop became more fun with widgets. These mini-apps provide quick access to frequently used tools and information, making your work more efficient. But there's not much benefit when the widgets don't load or keep crashing.

8 ways to fix the Podcast app not working on Mac!

Can't listen to a podcast without the app crashing? Here's how to fix!

Are you having trouble listening to podcasts on your Mac? Are you frustrated by constant app crashes or network interruptions? You're not alone.

10 solutions when you can't share or access a Shared Album

Here's what to do when the Shared Album stops working

Shared Albums is a helpful tool if you want to show your cherished memories to family and friends. It must be very frustrating when you can't share or access them but don't worry, I'm here to help!

Why Focus Mode isn't working in iOS 17? 8 troubleshooting tips!

Having issue with the Focus mode? Try these troubleshooting steps!

Have you been facing issues with the Focus mode on your iPhone after the iOS 17 update? Well, you're not alone!

7 ways to fix message search not working on iOS 17

Message search not working after the iOS 17 update? Here's how to fix!

Are you having trouble searching for messages on your iPhone? It can be disappointing when you can't find the messaging history you're looking for.

Twitter not working on your iPhone or iPad? Try these 10 quick fixes

10 solutions for when Twitter isn't working (2023 guide)

Has Twitter stopped working on your iPhone or iPad? The app keeps crashing, content is not loading, or you're facing other issues where it just doesn't work? You came to the right place!

How to Fix Vmmem High Memory Usage

How to Fix Vmmem High Memory Usage on Windows 11

The Vmmem/VmmemWSL process is part of the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) virtual machine software. Many WSL users notice that Vmmem consumes a lot of memory and CPU resources that are sometimes difficult to justify. This article will explain this issue in more detail and show several ways to reduce or eliminate Vmmem high memory/CPU usage.

How to Fix "400 Bad Request. Request Header or Cookie Too Large" Error

How to Fix “400 Bad Request. Request Header or Cookie Too Large” Error

If you’re trying to access a website and are getting the “400 Bad Request. Request Header or Cookie Too Large” error, try refreshing the page. If that doesn’t work, follow the instructions in this article, which should fix the error.


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