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How to turn off Mac's built-in camera?

How to disable built-in camera and internal microphone on Mac computers

Today, most people know what a 'selfie' is and the purpose of front cameras for video calls, self portraits, and so on. All Apple computers other than Mac minis contain a built-in webcam called iSight, also known as FaceTime camera. The Mac operating system also contain apps such as FaceTime and Photo Booth that use the front camera and offer various related functions. iSight is useful for video calls over any distance. The built-in webcam is located at the top center of the screen and contains a green indicator, showing that iSight is active. Despite these features, some users prefer to disable the device for various reasons.

Make Safari faster, more secure with public DNS

Improve Safari's browsing speed and security, by adjusting DNS settings

Have you ever wondered what happens when you click a link on a webpage? Or how you are being redirected to another webpage or website? You might also consider how your emails travel through the Internet to reach the recipients. These movements are essentially requests and responses to particular servers called Domain Name System (DNS). Your computer (or browsers) sends a numerical request to a DNS server where a huge database stores information about domains and associated numerical addresses. DNS servers respond with a matching domain and allow your browser to load a particular webpage or website.

How To Maximize Your Battery Life?

How To Make Your Battery Life last Longer In Windows 10 

Battery life is length of time a device can work before it needs to be recharged. Usually battery life is quantified as the time the battery can run when it is fully charged and as the number of charge cycles until the end of battery's useful life. People use batteries for a long time (more than 200 hundred years, actually) and we became dependant on them. Batteries changed the world and they are very useful - they help us in our daily lives and it would be difficult to imagine today's world without them.

How To Block Programs From Accessing Internet?

How To Block Programs From Accessing Internet In Windows 

Windows has a built-in Windows Firewall (also known as Windows Defender Firewall) installed on the operating system. Windows Firewall is a security tool created by Microsoft that runs in the background and keeps the operating system safe from various network threats. It is essentially an application designed to filter network data transmissions and block programs that are initiating harmful communications.

Mac became slower after upgrade, how to fix?

Mac's performance decreased after operating system upgrade, how to fix?

macOS High Sierra was released in 2017 as an updated version of macOS Sierra. In this version, Apple improved video streaming, data management and compatibility with various video games by increasing graphic performance. Furthermore, Macs running macOS 10.13 High Sierra are more responsive, capable and reliable. These improvements may seem attractive, but many people report problems encountered after upgrade, most frequently reduced Mac performance. This is a significant issue, since users expect operating system updates to improve performance.

How To Make Windows Start Faster?

How To Easily Make Windows 10 Start/Boot Faster (Most Methods Apply To Earlier Versions Of Windows As Well)

A new PC or a laptop often starts (boots) quickly and is generally fast, however, in time, these computers become slower with increasing startup times. The more apps and programs installed, and the more documents and files on the hard drive, the slower the computer is to start up. There are many factors that can cause slow Windows startup and also many methods to make Windows 10 (or older version) boot faster.

How To Make Your Internet Faster?

How To Make Your Internet Connection Faster If It Is Working Slower Than It Is Supposed To

Most of us are dependent on the Internet in our daily lives and require it to be reliable and fast. The Internet helps us to communicate, work, be entertained, etc. and, therefore, the faster the Internet speed, the more we can accomplish. The opposite is also true. There are numerous ways to improve Internet performance for business and personal use as discussed in this article.

How To Fix Screen Brightness Control?

Can't Adjust Windows 10 Screen Brightness, Windows 10 Brightness Control Is Not Working. How To Fix It?

In Windows 10, depending on the local environment and lighting, you can increase or decrease screen brightness to make content more visible or comfortable to view. Adjusting screen brightness can also be useful to save batteries (in the case of laptop use). In Windows 10, you can adjust screen brightness settings manually or let Windows do it automatically, depending on whether the computer is plugged in or unplugged.


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