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Wsappx Causing High CPU Usage. How To Fix It?

Wsappx Process Is Causing High CPU Usage. What Is Wsappx And How To Reduce CPU Usage Caused By It

Wsappx is a legitimate Microsoft Windows process that can be found on the Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems. This process can be seen running in Task Manager under Processes. The wsappx process is related to Windows Universal Apps (WUA) and Windows Store and runs in the background. Double-clicking the wsappx process will reveal two additional sub-processes running under wsappx: AppXSVC and ClipSVC. AppXSVC provides infrastructure support for deploying Store applications, whilst ClipSVC provides infrastructure support for Microsoft Store.

How To Solve "Your computer is low on memory" problem?

How To Solve "Your computer is low on memory" Problem In Windows 10

Computer memory is a physical device that stores information. There are two types: 1) memory that stores information temporarily such as RAM [Random Access Memory], and; 2) memory that stores information permanently such as a hard drive. Relating to memory issues, you might have encountered a Microsoft Windows warning message stating that your system is low on memory.

How To Fix " Patcher Kernel has stopped working"

How To Fix " Patcher Kernel has stopped working" League Of Legends Problem

League of Legends, also known as LoL is one of the most engrossing free multiplayer online games. It is a mix of RTS (Real-time strategy) and RPG (role-playing game) and one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre games. In the game, teams compete to destroy the opposing team's 'Nexus'. A Nexus in LoL is a protected structure located within the enemy's base. Released in 2009, LoL remains very popular and attracts players from around the world.


How To Fix BAD POOL HEADER Blue Screen Of Death Error

The BAD POOL HEADER error occurs on a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), an error (or error code) that appears when Windows encounters a critical problem from which it cannot recover. A simple restart is often enough to eliminate the BSOD, but this problem should not be ignored. When a BSOD occurs, the Windows operating system creates a 'minidump' file that contains specific information about the error. Displaying this information requires advanced knowledge as detailed in this article.

Can't Open File Explorer. How To Fix It?

Cannot Open File Explorer/Windows Explorer. How To Easily Fix in Windows 10

File Explorer (formerly Windows Explorer) is a graphical user interface (GUI) component of Windows operating systems that allows access, management, and editing of files, folders, and other content stored on a computer. It is a centralized location where users can view the information stored on their computers. It is one of the most frequently used tools in Windows 10, since it can copy, move, and delete files. Firstly, to access these features, we need to open File Explorer.

How to share your Mac's screen?

How to share screens between Mac computers without third-party applications?

Solving technical issues with friends and colleagues can be difficult if you are geographically separated. You may also want to share ideas and projects, and provide tutorials when emails, calls, sending files, sharing them in various ways, etc. are not convenient methods. To address this, Apple has included a useful screen sharing feature, which has many applications and can also be used to stream and watch live tutorials.

YouTube Is Not Working On Google Chrome

YouTube Is Not Working On Google Chrome. How To Easily Fix It?

YouTube is the second-most popular website. People can watch, upload, share, and comment on videos, subscribe to other users, and even make money. YouTube has over a billion users (not counting unregistered users) who make up almost one-third of all people who use the Internet. Google (developers of the search engine) purchased YouTube and, ironically, YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google.


How To Fix DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE Blue Screen Of Death Error

BSOD (or Blue Screen Of Death) is an error that appears on a blue screen and usually indicates that the operating system is experiencing a system crash. It is not always as serious as it may seem, depending on the error code. The error usually prevents Windows from starting, but this is not always the case. Simply restarting the computer can remove the error, but this is not necessarily a solution and the blue screen problem might return.


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