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What Is Malware and How to Remove It?

What Is Malware and How to Manually Remove It From Your Computer

Malware (Malicious software) is any program or file that is harmful to a computer and user. Removing it is paramount, but it's often not easy. This article will show you how to remove malware manually.

How to Remove Programs From Add Remove Programs List Manually?

How to Remove Programs From Add/Remove Programs List Manually on Windows

Sometimes programs get uninstalled incorrectly, leaving entries in the 'Add/Remove Programs' (a.k.a 'Programs and Features') list. This guide shows how to remove these problematic entries from the Add/Remove Programs list.

How to Solve "Requires a Newer Version of iTunes"?

Tips on how to solve the "Requires a newer version of iTunes" problem.

iTunes software is part of the Apple operating system and has a huge following. If you are an iPhone, iPad, or iPod owner, this tool is invaluable, since it also provides communication between the computer and mobile devices. There are alternatives with third-party software, but iTunes is the official product of Apple with the best communication and features.

How to Disable Fast User Switching on Windows?

How to Disable Fast User Switching on Windows 7, 8 & 10?

The Fast User Switching feature in Microsoft Windows allows users to log in to a computer while keeping other users logged in and their applications running. In this guide, we show how to disable this feature easily.

How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Windows 10?

How to Easily Boot Into Safe Mode on Windows 10

Safe Mode is a diagnostic start-up mode in Windows operating systems used to obtain limited access to Windows when it does not start or function normally. In this article, we show several ways to access Safe Mode on your computer.

Fix Clock Showing the Wrong Time on Windows 10

Fix Windows 10 Clock Showing the Wrong Time

If your Windows clock loses time, it can interrupt scheduled tasks or lead to various Windows errors. Read the described methods in this article, which will ensure that Windows always shows the correct time.

Mac or MacBook Can't Detect My External Drive. Here's How to Fix It!

Mac or MacBook Doesn't Recognize External Drives. Troubleshooting Tips

External drives can help expand device storage and share large-size files in a much easier way. Unfortunately, sometimes your Mac can encounter problems resulting in not being able to detect plugged-in devices.

How to Fix Long Restart Problem?

What to Do if Your Windows 10 Is Restarting Too Long?

Shutting down or restarting your computer is a simple process that usually takes just a few seconds. However, sometimes, it may take much longer than it should. This article will show you how to fix your PC restarting for too long.


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