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File record segment is unreadable

How To Fix The "File record segment is unreadable" Error

If you are reading this, then most probably it is because you have encountered the "File record segment is unreadable" error. If you get an error like this, then you should not ignore it and do something about it as soon as possible because it may lead to more serious problems like losing your data. This error usually appears when you are checking your disk for errors or simply trying to start your Windows computer.

Can't Launch Undertale

Can't Launch Undertale Game On Steam. How To Fix It?

If you are reading this, then most probably you encountered a problem where you can't launch a game called Undertale. It is an indie video game about a child who you need to help to get back from the underground to the surface of the Earth, that is the main quest of this game. During this game a player has to combat various monsters and avoid attacks. Undertale game role-playing game where you can change the storyline by taking different choices what makes the game even more interesting.

How to reveal hidden files on Mac?

Enable temporary and permanent hidden files showing on Mac computers

The Mac computer operating system hides many files and folders within storage - i.e., files are not visible to the user. These are usually system level items, configuration data and other files, most of which are stored within the system library folder. Apple decided that these files should not be visible for all users due to possible issues if the data was modified without proper knowledge. If you have downloaded a file with a name that contains a dot (.), you may be unable to find it, since it will be recognized as a 'hidden' file.

Can't Turn On Windows Defender Firewall

Can't Turn On Windows Defender Firewall. How To Fix It?

Every Windows operating system, starting from Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 has a built-in Windows Firewall (now known as Windows Defender Firewall). Windows Firewall is a security tool created by Microsoft that runs in the background and keeps the operating system safe from various network threats. It is essentially an application designed to filter network data transmissions, block programs that are initiating harmful communications and prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your computer through a network or the Internet.

Print Spooler Keeps Stopping

Print Spooler Keeps Stopping Or Print Spooler Service Is Not Running. How To Fix It? 

Simply said, print spooler is a is a software program, an executable file which is responsible for managing all print tasks currently being sent to the printer or print server. It is a primary component of the printing interface and it is loaded at system startup and continues to run until the operating system is shut down. It is responsible for locating the correct printer driver, loading that driver, scheduling the print jobs etc.

macOS reinstallation failed, error code 5010F (3), how to fix?

Error code 5010F (3) appeared while trying to system reinstall Mac operating system via Internet Recovery, how to fix?

Reinstalling the operating system is often the best way to resolve your problems or clean up the Mac to improve performance. To make this process easier, Apple created the Internet Recovery feature, which allows users to perform a full operating system reinstallation via the Internet. This does not require you to download any installation files or require manual input with options that may be confusing (for example, using the Microsoft Windows installation process).

Laptop Won't Shut Down

Laptop Won't Shut Down In Windows 10. How To Fix It?

A computer shut down is a process where all software programs are being closed in order to prepare a computer to turn a computer's power. The last step in this process is to "close" the operating system. In operating systems like Windows 8 or Windows 10 there is a new way to shut down your computer which is called a Hybrid Shutdown, usually this feature is enabled by default. It means that the computer is not being shut down completely.

How to fix Error NSPOSIXErrorDomain on Mac

Solve Internet access issue with error code NSPOSIXErrorDomain on Mac computers

Today, Internet connections are one of the most common requirements for everyday computer use. Many applications use Internet access for the extensive information and media now stored on the web. Internet use is now so widespread that many users could not conceive working without connecting to the web. Therefore, encountering the NSPOSIXErrorDomain error can pose a major problem, since this issue can occur when attempting using browsers such as Safari. Some reports also suggest that users encounter this problem using other applications.


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