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How to find and manage saved passwords on Safari?

How to reveal and modify saved log in details on Mac computers and iOS devices?

Nowadays vast majority of websites within the Internet uses user accounts, to improve their browsing experience. Even web browsers software asks you to configure or sign in with various accounts, this way users are free to access their favorite websites and data through all computers or devices, however it is recommended to use the separate passwords for each registration, natively the question appears, how to remember all those password? Note with the passwords could be a solution, however it also might become a headache, when you're visiting a number of separate websites daily. Luckily, the Safari might help you in this tedious situation, every time you enter the log in details it will offer to remember details for this website.

How to find all Apps on Mac?

How to find and list all applications existing within Mac computer storage?

There might be various cases, when you would want to know the amount and kind of applications, that are installed in Mac. This might be a perfect precaution against malicious applications, that comes in bundle with other software, also listing existing apps might help to find out the reason of missing free space on your storage. Sometimes, if you recently acquired the the Mac computer and do not know about existing applications, this tip will help you as well. In case you're keen user, you may desire to manually check the version of your software.

How to reinstall macOS via Internet Recovery?

How to access and use the Internet Recovery mode on Mac computers?

Apple computers are well known as stable devices with the one of the greatest performance including the hardware specifications. Mac operating system also includes various self-diagnosing and repairing tools, however all these features might fail as well. When you're encountering the situation where nothing of built-in tools or software based fixing methods works, the last and most efficient solution would be to reinstall operating system. All modern mac computers contains two separate methods to reinstall operating system, by saying reinstall, we mean to install a fresh version of OS X. You may choose between installing operating system from your startup disk or Internet Recovery.

How to modify hosts file on Mac?

How to open and edit the hosts file on Mac computers?

Every Mac computer stores a small, text based file called hosts, sometimes modifying this file might be necessary to solve connection problems, set your own web server, demand computer to block access to specific website in order to prevent opening malicious websites. There might be a lot of different reason why would you modify this particular file, however it is not something, that lives within your desktop folder. The most frequent method to make changes within your host file is using Terminal application, it works on all version of Mac operating system, however the path sometimes varies.

How to fix black screen after awaking from sleep problem on Mac?

Computer's display remains black after awaking from sleep, or after booting, how to fix?

How to know, that your computer is broken? Probably one of the most clear signs would be computer, that struggles to start. Followed by this idea, users are very likely to panic, when their Macs displays nothing, or in other words the display does not works. Usually, people encounter with this threatening situation while attempting to wake their Macs from sleep, the result is disappointing, does not matter how long they wait, the display simply does not turns on. Also this situation occur when people tries to open MacBook lid, even more threatening sign, that keyboard or any sounds alerts, that computer is awake but display still not working.

How to fix 'Another device on the network is using your computer’s IP address' error?

Computer displays error message 'Another device on the network is using your computer’s IP address' after awaking or booting up, how to fix?

Today, most computer users could not imagine working without Internet access, and the devices seem almost useless without it. Therefore, it is concerning when you turn on your computer (or 'awaken' it) and a warning message appears, stating that another device on the network is using your computer's IP address. Following this message, the internet connection is disabled. Regular users often assume that their computers or networks have been hacked by third-parties. As a result, many people seek information about this problem and ways to protect their privacy.

Windows Update error 0x80244022

How to fix Windows Update error code 0x80244022

Windows Update is an important service provided by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows users. Its main purpose is to deliver software updates for Windows operating system and its components such as Windows Defender and other Microsoft products. Actually, there are various kinds of updates, like critical updates, security updates, quality updates, service packs and definition updates. Patch Tuesday is a second Tuesday of each months. It is a day when Microsoft routinely releases updates, however, if there are some problems that needs to be fixed urgently, Microsoft will provide the update whenever it is required.

What hides under Utilities folder on Mac?

What is contained within the Utilities folder and how do we use these tools on a Mac?

With each version of the operating system, Apple seeks to make the use of their products easier. An example is the way they have attached the Utilities folder within the Applications folder, which contains various built-in tools designed to optimize computer performance. In the folder, you can find apps to monitor the status of Mac resource usage and access diagnostic tools and utilities such as Disk Utility (these are useful when attempting to solve randomly-occurring problems relating to the startup disk or even external storage devices). Despite these helpful features, many users are unaware of the existence and potential use of these essential applications.


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