How To Get Rid of Bloatware In Windows 10?

How to Easily Get Rid of Unwanted Pre-Installed Programs on Windows 10?

 When you buy a new PC, you expect it to be fast and efficient. This is generally the case, but there is one problem: bloatware. Bloatware is unnecessary software pre-installed on your computer at purchase. If you want to get rid of pre-installed bloatware, this article will guide you through the process.

How to Get Rid of Bloatware on Windows 10

Although not dangerous, bloatware slows down your computer, uses RAM and hard drive space. It's difficult to say how much bloatware will affect your PC, but PCs without third-party software will undoubtedly start and shut down faster.

Manufacturers often include their software on PCs they sell. In some cases, you can uninstall it, but in others, it's not that easy. In many cases, these utilities are already present in Windows 10.

You will often find antivirus programs informing you that your PC is at risk, games you do not want to play filled with advertisements, and various trial programs. Most of this stuff is useless, but some tools are worth keeping, such as the Nvidia Control panel, which helps your hardware and settings.

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Uninstall Applications Manually

Select unwanted applications manually and uninstall them. Click the Start menu and look for applications you do not need. Right-click on the application and select "Uninstall." This may not work with all applications, but you can give it a try.

uninstall applications manually using uninstall option

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Use "Refresh Windows Tool"

Here is a link where you can download this tool from the Microsoft webpage:

The tool removes all the applications that do not come as standard with Windows (such as Microsoft Office) and removes most pre-installed apps. Download this tool and open it. Click "Accept."

uninstall applications using refresh windows tool step 1

You can choose whether you want to keep personal files only or delete everything. In both cases, your installed apps will be removed. Click "Start," and the tool will automatically start downloading Windows 10 installation files. When finished, you will have a clean Windows system.

uninstall applications using refresh windows tool step 2

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Use PowerShell

With PowerShell, you can uninstall most pre-installed apps, even those which do not provide an "Uninstall" option, but it will not let you uninstall apps such as Cortana or Microsoft Edge. Depending on how up-to-date your Windows 10 operating system is, PowerShell may not be available, and you will have to use Command Prompt instead. To launch PowerShell, type "powershell" in Search and run it as administrator.

uninstall applications using power shell step 1

Windows opens the PowerShell window. To start uninstalling apps, you need to enter commands. Type your command, press Enter, and PowerShell will remove the app for you. If it cannot be uninstalled, you receive a notification about the error. To uninstall an app, use the app name within the command. Here is an example: "Get-AppxPackage *windowsalarms* | Remove-AppxPackage". In this case, the application is "Alarms and Clock" - you can see it in the command as "*windowsalarms*." To remove an app, copy this command, change the application name, and press Enter.

uninstall applications using power shell step 2

Here is a list of apps with associated names, which you may wish to uninstall:

3dbuilder (3D Builder)
windowsalarms (Alarms and Clock)
windowscalculator (Calculator)
windowscommunicationapps (Calendar and Mail)
windowscamera (Camera)
officehub (Get Office)
skypeapp (Get Skype)
zunemusic (Groove Music)
getstarted (Get Started)
solitairecollection (Microsoft Solitaire Collection)
windows maps (Maps)
bigfinance (Money)
zunevideo (Movies & TV)
onenote (OneNote)
bingnews (News)
windowsphone (Phone Companion)
people (People)
soundrecorder (Voice Recorder)
photos (Photos)
windowsstore (Store)
bingsports (Sports)
bingweather (Weather)
xboxapp (Xbox)

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