What is "Wait a minute! This is important - we check your devices" Message?

The "Wait a minute! This is important - we check your devices" Message Promotes a Fake Malware Scanner

When you surf the Internet, be very careful. Many fake online security 'scanners' claim to scan your computer for viruses and spyware. However, these scanners are fake and attempt to scare PC users for malicious purposes. Do not believe these online scans, especially if you have not specifically requested one.

Wait a minute! This is important - we check your devices - Recognise this message?  This is one of the most popular fake online spyware and malware scanners.

When you open the web page of this scanner, a Javascript message pops up. It reports that your computer contains various infections, and the system requires immediate checking.

When you press OK, the web page imitates the 'My Computer' folder by displaying local hard disks, documents, folders, etc. These hard drives and document folders appear the same to all website visitors and do not represent your actual computer configuration. However, to less-experienced users, this may seem threatening and scary.


When this fake scan finishes, it displays the results and advises you to remove all 'Trojans' supposedly found on your computer.


Clicking the 'Remove all' button results in a file download. This file has various names. On my system, the file name appeared as 'pack.exe.' The user is led to believe that the file is an antivirus or antispyware software installer.



If you have downloaded and executed this file, you have installed a fake antivirus program on your PC. The primary purpose of phony antivirus software is to scare you into buying a program to remove 'infections' supposedly detected on your system. And, of course, you are required to enter your credit card details to receive the license key.

Never enter your credit card details into this type of scareware program. You will receive no genuine protection for your computer, and your credit card details will be sent to the creators of the scareware and used for illegal purposes.

If your system is infected by rogue software such as this, find a removal guide by searching for the fake program name within our Spyware removal guides. You will also need authentic spyware removal software, and you can choose this within our Top Spyware Removers section.

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