The Risks Of Downloading Cracked Combo Cleaner Software

The Risks Of Downloading Cracked Combo Cleaner Software

Downloading cracked or copied software has become a norm as billions of dollars worth of pirated software programs are downloaded every year. Most people don't even think of the harm that it can do to their computer, as nothing is for free. Almost all pirated software is infected with malware (malicious software), such as viruses and hijackers, that can access your information and use it for personal or professional use.

Downloading cracked Combo Cleaner is not an exception. We have searched and tested several pirated Combo Cleaner versions to find out the possible threats of such illegal software.

Combo Cleaner

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Consequences of Software Piracy

Software developers put in a lot of effort and time into their work. They create innovative products that help people communicate, have fun, earn money, and, most importantly, stay safe in the depths of the internet. By downloading a cracked program, you're stealing from the creators as you don't have the permission to use their software.

You may think that piracy is innocent, but in reality, legitimate businesses suffer because of it. The developers that have not yet been established could lose their jobs as no one's paying them. The users also suffer, as they miss out on future software the creators might have developed. And even if the company is established, when its software is downloaded for free by a lot of users, they have to implement safeguards that cost a lot of money and cover for the losses.

By using pirated software, you also suffer as you're exposed to threats. Cybercriminals love pirated software. They can easily slip past cybersecurity measures and infect your computer with malware. It'll steal your private data and other important information that will be used against you.

Here are 5 reasons why downloading illegal software programs are a terrible idea:

No Support

Cracking software requires modifying the system code, which can reduce the program's performance and cause instability. By using illegal software, it will be hard for you to get any assistance if the program malfunctions or crashes. Usually, to get support from the developer, you need to have a legal license key or proof of your purchase. 

No Updates

Updates are essential for any program as they fix bugs, add new functions, remove outdated features, improves stability, and more. If you try to update a cracked version of the software, it might stop working overall, and you can even get penalized for it.

Stolen Or Lost Data

On some occasions, the corrupted software version can disturb your computer's operations and even corrupt your entire drive with malware, thus losing your stored files and documents.

It's also relatively easy for hackers to steal your personal information through pirated software as they infect it with viruses and other malicious programs that let them spy on you and collect valuable information such as your bank details. There is even a possibility of identity theft.

Malicious Software

The scariest part of using cracked software is putting yourself at risk by giving harmful users access to your computer and personal data. Your computer can get infected with viruses that will damage your data and software. These trojans will delete your files, steal data, give malicious users access to the system, ransomware that can publish your data or block you from it, and more.

Cybercriminals will also inject cracked software with crypto miners to mine cryptocurrency while consuming your computer resources.

Legal Actions

If the reasons mentioned above are not enough for you to buy the real deal, facing legal action should motivate you not to use illegal or stolen software. You could be facing a temporary or permanent ban by the software vendor or receive a fine.

If you're the one that's distributing the pirated software, you can even get jail time.

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What Happens When You Download A Cracked Combo Cleaner?

Combo Cleaner is an antivirus and system optimizer. It's a subscription-based suite that comes with a free Disk Cleaner, Duplicate Files Finder, and a Big Files Finder. A free Antivirus scanner checks if your computer is infected. To remove infections and use advanced tools such as an award-winning Antivirus, Privacy Scanner, and an App Uninstaller, you'll have to buy a premium subscription.

Unfortunately, there are countless web pages with offers to get the software for free. Even though it's illegal to use and distribute cracked software, sketchy sites with titles like "Combo Cleaner premium crack free download." contain download links under flashy buttons and instructions on bypassing security walls.

To test how safe it is to install a cracked Combo Cleaner, our Tech experts safely tested 5 random versions of it. We downloaded the crack files onto a Mac computer, and none of the 5 tested files contained the proper installation set up or the Combo Cleaner app.

Combo Cleaner Crack 1 Combo Cleaner Crack 2 Combo Cleaner Crack 3 Combo Cleaner Crack 4 Combo Cleaner Crack 5

With all 5 cases, when trying to launch the installation set up, a program looking like Adobe Flash Player installer popped out. When proceeding with the installation Combo Cleaner app was nowhere to be seen, and a number of unknown programs were installed.

Combo Cleaner fake installer

We also scanned the installers for possible malware with VirusTotal. Scan reports proved that all of them had malicious software such as adware that displays intrusive ads and browser hijackers that modify users' homepage and default search engine settings.

Detection names- of a combo cleaner crack in virus total sample 1

Detection names of a Combo Cleaner crack in virus total sample 2

By downloading cracked Combo Cleaner, you will most likely get malicious programs that will annoy you and intrude on your privacy by accessing your personal information and tracking your browsing history.

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How to Download And Activate Combo Cleaner The Right Way?

By buying the premium subscription, you're not only supporting the developer of the software but also keeping your online information safe.

To receive your activation code, follow the steps below:

1. Download and install Combo Cleaner. The installation process is very quick and easy. Just follow the steps that will be displayed on your screen.
2. Click on "Upgrade To Premium".
3. Click on "Buy License, Activate Instantly".
4. Choose your plan and follow the steps.
5. Receive your activation key and enter it in Combo Cleaner.

For more information about the Combo Cleaner app, please visit the official website.

We hope you have a great experience using Combo Cleaner!

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