How to disable Safari suggestions?

Disable Safari suggestions on Mac computers and iPhone or iPad devices

Apple included the 'suggestions' feature on the Safari browser. This function attempts to show predictions relating to your search queries, however, it is a separate function from suggested words and phrases. While this feature is enabled, Safari displays various suggestions, offering previews of interactive content for iTunes media, news, Wikipedia articles, weather forecasts, sports results, apps from the App Store, and even nearby locations. This may seem to be a useful function, but unfortunately this is rarely the case. It often fails to predict accurately and can be annoying, since the content suggestions function takes more time to load than say simple words and phrases suggestions. Furthermore, it consumes extra resources that might impact Safari's performance.

The function is available on both macOS and iOS platforms. Fortunately, it is simply to disable this feature on both devices. Although some users report that 'suggestions' is a useful function, others are disappointed and state that it simply impedes the everyday browsing experience. The actual value of this feature depends on your browsing habits and goals. Therefore, we recommend that you try it out first. If you find it of little use or annoying, follow the steps below to disable Safari suggestions on your Mac computer or iPhone/iPad devices.


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Disable Safari suggestions on Mac

As mentioned, if you do not want the feature, disabling Safari suggestions is quick and easy. Launch Safari, click the menu bar at the top of the screen, and then select Preferences. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut of Command and Comma (,) to access Safari's preferences. Choose the Search tab from the menu at the top of the window. Under the Search tab, you will find several available functions, such as 'Include search engine suggestions', 'Include Safari suggestions', 'Enable Quick Website search', 'Preload Top Hit in the background', and 'Show Favorites'. The function of interest is 'Smart Search Field: Include Safari suggestions'. Remove the checkmark from the box to disable Safari Suggestions. You may also consider removing the checkmark from the box beside 'Include search engine suggestions' so that you will not see suggestions when entering your search query. Once, you have enabled/disabled your desired functions, close the Preferences window and the adjustments will be saved and applied automatically. To ensure you have disabled the Safari Suggestions function, type a query into the URL address field and check for any suggestions pops-up. For example, you could enter a famous person's name, popular movie, or a location. If you have disabled Safari suggestions, none of those queries will show interactive content.


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Disable Safari suggestions on mobile Apple devices

Disabling suggestions on iOS devices is also simple but you cannot do this through Safari application (familiar users of iPhones and iPods will be aware of this). To disable Safari suggestions, go to iPhone/iPad settings and scroll down until you find Safari. Tap on it to enter Preferences. Look for the Search category. Beneath it, you should find similar options to the Mac Safari function (detailed above), such as 'Search Engine Suggestions', 'Safari Suggestions', 'Quick Website Search', and 'Preload Top Hit'. If you wish to disable Safari Suggestions, simply toggle off Safari Suggestions. Also consider Search Engine Suggestions, however, if you disable this feature, you will turn off auto-complete search queries on your mobile website browser. When you have finished the modifications, you do not need 'save' or other buttons - simply exit Settings and all adjustments will automatically be saved and applied to your browser. To ensure that you have successfully disabled suggestions, open the mobile Safari browser and start to type your query into the URL address field and check for any suggestions pops-up. For example, you could start to type a famous person's name, popular movie, or a location. If you have disabled Safari suggestions, none of those queries will display interactive content.


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