How to fix Error 36 on Mac?

How to fix issue, while Finder displaying Error 36 on Mac computers?

Mac computers are well known as stable and fast devices in various aspects, for example, whether it's performance rate or content management speed. Vast majority Mac computer users rejoices the flawless data management and amazingly short duration while talking about files transferring process. Unfortunately, all of a sudden, Finder's error code 36 appears, stating that operation couldn't be completed, because some files can't be read or written, this is rare issue, that might occur on any computer running with Mac operating system despite it's version. Even though, this particular issue is rare there is few separate solutions. Another good news, that usually this error is not relating to any hardware or software crashes.

In most common cases, the file, that can't be read or written contains hidden dot-underline (._) extension, one of the most frequent file would be '.DS_Store'. These hidden files contain additional information, such as icon images and files. Usually, whenever these files are transferring between Windows compatible volume to Mac and vice versa the error 36 occurs. Probably, the most efficient solution would be to use built-in command line window and the dot_clean function, however, sometimes the reason caused Finder's error 36 might be different starting with various viruses, malware, corrupted files, or even the junk files. In this article we will describe the most efficient methods to solve this frustrating issue, despite it's reason.


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Use dot_clean via Terminal to solve error 36

In most frequent cases the Finder's error 36 are caused by attempts to transfer hidden system files such as .DS_Store and any other, that contains dot-underline extension in their names. As it was mentioned above these files contains additional information, due to this reason there will not be any damage to the original file if you delete the hidden file. This is one of the most efficient method to solve error 36, however there might be a number of hidden files, due to this reason it is recommended to use dot_clean command via Terminal, that cleans all hidden files within the pointed directory. To begin with, launch the command line application via Spotlight by pressing keyboard shortcut of Command and Spacebar, then type Terminal and press return. Once the application launches type in dot_clean press Spacebar and then drag and drop the folder, that's transferring results in error 36. This way Terminal will automatically generate the location of troublesome folder, finally press Return to execute.


Alternatively, you may drag and drop or manually type in the location of Volume, to clean it all, this is recommended if you're encountering with error 36 while attempting to backup the volume. Once terminal process finishes try to move same folder again, to check if error 36 gone.

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Check permissions and perform a Safe boot

Another common case, that might result in error 36 would be mismatches in folder's permissions and sharing options as well as troublesome external device. First of all begin by checking permissions and sharing options of particular folder, that results in error 36 while attempting to transfer. Right-click or Control-click on the folder and select Get Info, then in in the bottom of the expandable list look for Sharing & Permissions, expand it and check if your user account contains permissions to read and write, otherwise click on the privileges status and select Read & Write, you may have to sign in with administrators account in case you are unable to change the permissions. Another useful solution would be to boot your computer into Safe Mode. Safe Mode is an option used in many problematic situations - try this mode to solve error 36. To boot the Mac in Safe Mode, first shut down the machine. Once shut down completely, launch it again. When you hear the start up chime, hold down the the Shift key until you see the Apple logo. When the Mac is fully loaded, try to move your desired folder. If this resolves the issue, reboot the computer in the usual manner.


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Scan your computer with Combo Cleaner

If methods listed above could not fix your Finder's error 36, there might be a chance, that your computer is infected with some virus or malware, as well as corrupted or junk files are causing this problem. The easiest method to solve this issue would be to scan your computer with Combo Cleaner, that contains two virus scan engines and disk cleaner feature. With this software you will be able to ensure your Mac is not infected with any virus and/or malware, also it will automatically clean junk files. Detailed review of this software you will find in this article.


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