Google Chrome opens Blank window when opening external links, how to fix?

How to solve issue when Google Chrome opens Blank window when opening links from other applications on Mac running macOS High Sierra?

Many technical support and guidance websites state advantages of up-to-date software, however, there are also issues with the process of updating. This fact can be verified by visiting technical forums and entering 'updates' into search fields - usually, this will reveal a number of topics reporting issues after system or software updates.

A recently reported issue is with the Google Chrome browser. When attempting to open a link from other applications, Chrome opens a new blank window without a URL address in the address bar. This issue is most commonly reported by users of macOS High Sierra, however, macOS Sierra is also mentioned. This problem is often caused by an old version of the Google Chrome application that is set to the default browser on Macs. Despite this, the problem might also be within Google's software. Below are a number methods to resolve this issue.


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Reset Google Chrome browser

Start with a temporary, but quick and easy, solution. Simply turn off the application and then relaunch it. The fastest way to perform a complete restart of the Google Chrome browser is to type the following command into the address bar:

  • chrome://restart

Alternatively, press the keyboard shortcut of Command and Q to completely close the application, wait several seconds, then and turn the browser on. Open the link after the restart. This method is often able to solve issues that occur due to updates waiting to install.


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Ensure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome

Since the problem is likely to be within the Google Chrome software, try to update it to the latest available version. Google states that all versions starting with 62.0.3202.75 and later include the bug fix for this issue. To update the Chrome application, open it and click on the three dot icon in the top right corner, and then select Help in the bottom of drop-down menu. Click on About Google Chrome, and check the version and status. If it offers any updates, install them and completely turn off the app. Then wait several seconds and turn it back on. If the problem remains, try to restart the Mac by clicking on the Apple logo in the menu bar at top of your screen and select Restart. Once the Mac completely restarts, try to reopen the link.


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Reset the NVRAM on your Mac

If you have tried the methods above and still cannot open the link in the new tab via Google Chrome, some users report that resetting Mac NVRAM solves the issue. NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory) is a small section of Mac memory that stores certain settings in a location accessible to the macOS. NVRAM stores information such as speaker volume, screen resolution, start-up disk selection, and any recent kernel panic reports.

  • To reset the NVRAM, shutdown the Mac. Turn it on, and after you hear a loading chime, simultaneously hold down the Option, Command, P and R buttons.
  • Keep holding this combination for at least 20 seconds. Your computer should appear to be restarting. If you hear the start-up chime again, release the buttons. Note: once NVRAM has been reset, you might need to reconfigure settings for screen resolution, time zone information, start-up disk selection, speaker volume, and so on.


Video Showing how to fix Chrome opening blank window when open links on Mac

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