How to download images from iCloud?

How to download pictures or photos from iCloud to Mac or Windows?

Probably every Mac user knows what the iCloud is. When you know how to use it properly it's an irreplaceable feature. However, lets describe it for a new Mac users, iCloud is an internet storage which saves your photos, videos, documents, music, apps and other your data. It not only stores them, but also shares information between your devices if you signed in a couple of them with the same Apple ID. With the help of iCloud you are able to share information not only between your devices, but also with your friends, by giving them some shared links.

There isn't a question how to store into iCloud, it's easy - just sign in with your device, but to download something from iCloud for some users is a problem. Especially, when we talk about photos, since it became a common question, we decided to show you step-by-step instructions on how to reach and download your photos stored in iCloud. Downloading photos from iCloud may become a problem not only for Mac users but to Windows users as well. This guide will show how to download photos for Windows user.


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How to Download Photos from iCloud to Mac OS or Windows PC

If you have stored pictures or photos inside iCloud and decided that you need to have them in your computer or external drive? There is a pretty easy way to obtain them by signing in iCloud website with your Apple ID.

Launch your web browser and go to iCloud website, log in there with your Apple ID.


Click on the Photos icon from list. Select your appreciated photos by simple click on it or hold Command and select couple of them, once you have finished selecting click the download button located in top right and looks like a cloud with the arrow showing down.


After download your photos will appear in a download folder or anywhere you have declared in your browser preferences. This method works on any operating system including Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Android or Linux which is able to use web browsers.

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How to download all pictures from iCloud?

How to download one or couple pictures we already know, but if you need all images in your computer you will probably wonder is there a way how to download all files faster.

Luckily there is:

  • First you need to open Photos in iCloud website as listed above.
  • Then choose All Photos album and scroll to very bottom of the All Photos album and click on the Select Photos button in the top of the iCloud Photos bar.
  • Then hold down the shift button on your keyboard and click on the very last image in the all photos album, this should select every photo and iCloud Photos bar state the number of items selected.
  • Next steps same like above, just click on the Download and confirm you want to download all the files and look for your download folder. Unfortunately, there aren't any buttons like select all or download all and you have to mark them manually.

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Alternative download method to Windows PC

Since iCloud is Apple production, windows computers doesn't have default software to reach it, but luckily Apple released a software for windows.

First you have to download and install the iCloud synchronization software, which you can download from Apple.


Launch iCloud Photos and select Download photos and videos in the file explorer navigation bar, then choose the date or years of images you prefer to download. iCloud will download your selected pictures to a specified folder which you find by a path \Pictures\iCloud Pictures\Downloads\.


This method helps a lot, when you intend to download all photos or pictures from iCloud to your Windows computer.

Video Showing how to download photos from iCloud:

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