How to add My Computer icon on Windows 8 desktop?

When a user boots a fresh copy of Windows 8 for the first time, the desktop is empty apart from the Recycle bin icon. By default, Windows 8 does not display any other icons (My Computer, Documents, Control Panel, etc.) In order to add these additional icons, you need to configure certain desktop settings. In this tutorial, we describe how to add/remove desktop icons.

Icons that can be added and their functionality:

Recycle Bin - Contains deleted files, stored prior to permanent deletion.

My Computer - Shortcut to system partitions, several settings, and computer system information.

Network - Shortcut to the list of networks available and management of Work/Home groups. Unless you have specific knowledge of computer settings, this icon is unnecessary.

User's Files - Access to personal files relating to the user account, such as pictures, downloads, etc.

Control Panel - A quick way to access the available computer settings.

1. Accessing desktop personalization settings.

Go to the desktop, right click over it, then choose Personalize.

Adding My Computer icon on Windows 8 desktop step 1
Once the window opens, click 'Change desktop icons' on the left hand side.

Adding My Computer icon on Windows 8 desktop step 2

2. Choosing the icons.

Next, when a window appears, check or uncheck the boxes of the icons required.

Adding My Computer icon on Windows 8 desktop step 3
After you have finished, click Apply.

3. Before and after.

Once you hit 'Apply', the new desktop icons will appear immediately.

Here is an example:


Adding My Computer icon on Windows 8 desktop step 4

Adding My Computer icon on Windows 8 desktop step 5
These changes only apply to the current user account and do not require administrative rights.

Here is a video showing how to add the My Computer icon to a Windows 8 desktop:

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